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We're Baaaaaack!

"Well It's About Damn Time!"

Hi everyone!

Well, after a very long delay and surviving the worst year of my life, I am finally back and Allforloveblog is back in business-for good this time. Well, sort of. As you can see, I have pretty much had to start the site over from scratch, but do not fear. All of the old content is still safe. As some of you may already know, the old site was back online briefly in a “read only” format. But maintaining the site as it was while trying to get things operational again and uploading to a new host server proved impossible. 

This was the only realistically viable solution. But as I’ve stated, everything is still safe. The plan is to provide a direct link to the old site’s content from here. All of that will take some time, so bear with me. However, the upside is that Allforloveblog is now on a paid, permanent host server which means another catastrophe like the one that put me out of commission for most of 2011 will NOT happen again. Ever.

This isn’t the time or place to go into everything that happened to me this past year. Most of you, I’m sure, are well aware from my Facebook updates that I have had a traumatic year of many personal setbacks. Not the least was that in February of this year, only a few days after having posted my last entry for Februray 5th about how to break down a Michael Jackson concert, I was suddenly left without power in the dead of winter and completely stranded. I survived, but for days I had no power, no heat-and no internet. Of course, had that been the worst of it, life could have gotten back to normal once the power was restored. But no, I also had to deal with a situation in which the home computer network was completely down and with no knowledge or expertise in how to restore it or to retrieve my data, I was helpless. I had no one to turn to because even the most knowledgable computer geeks I knew could not figure out the intricacies of our former setup. And frankly, with so many urgent and more pressing issues I had to deal with at the time (the breakup of a 16-year relationship, and struggling to cope with the new pressures of trying to keep my home and to make a living for myself) I don’t think anyone can fault me if I say getting the site back online was a priority that had to take a backseat for awhile. Now that things in my life have finally started to turn around, I can once again bring the kind of focus and dedication to this site that I did before. Of course, now that I have to work full time to make ends meet, I may not be able to update as frequently as I did in the past. But hopefully, the quality will manage to outweigh the quantity.

That’s as much as I’m going to say about me or what happened to me this past year. I realize this site is about Michael, not about me, and that my readers come here to get my latest updates on all things MJ. I will just say that from this point forward, a new page has been turned and I’m really looking forward to embarking on this journey again.

However,  there’s nothing like six weeks with no internet to really make one appreciate Michael Jackson on a whole new level. I didn’t realize just how immersed I had become in the whole cyberspace MJ “fan-mily” thing until I had to spend time without it. Suddenly, I had no access to the latest media gossip; no way to know what deviousness TMZ had been up to lately, or what some ill informed hater had to say. I lost touch for a time with the whole back and forth war between the Jacksons and the estate; with the protests against Sony, all of the fan wars, and even with the details of the death investigation and impending Murray trial. So what did I do during that time? How did I pass all of those lonely, winter hours? Well, I listened to my Michael Jackson CD’s. I watched my videos and DVD’s. I read the books I have on him…you know, those quaint, old fashioned things with the hard covers and pages in between; many of which I had been intending to “get around” to reading for ages. I became reacquainted with Moonwalk. On many a chilly March afternoon, I wrapped myself in a blanket and devoured Dancing the Dream.

Taking Some Time To Step Back Can Have Its Own Rewards


In short, I once again got to know Michael Jackson the artist and, perhaps even moreso, Michael Jackson the man. Without the distractions and drama of the internet, I reconnected to the things about Michael that mattered most. And yes, these are the things that do matter most-his own words, his music, his artistry, his dance steps that defied the laws of physics-these are all of the things that will still be here, and will still matter, long after everything else has died away.

But with that being said, I was happy to once again be able to rejoin the cyberspace community. I am eternally grateful for Facebook, which enabled me to stay connected to most of you throughout this ordeal. I am grateful to all of you for your kind words and encouragement, and for never losing faith that Allforlove would return. I am grateful and thankful to my fellow MJ bloggers who kept me in the loop and who kept me on their blogrolls. Of course, if you did remove me, I understand. After all, eight months is a long time to keep up an inactive link. Hopefully, everyone will help spread the word that AFLB is back. As for those of you who were on my previous blogroll, I will add all of you back; it will just take me some time to get everything organized again and back 100% to the way it was. So if you hear me say “bear with me” once, you will probably hear it a million times over the next few weeks, LOL.

Of course my biggest regret is not being able to get the site back up in time to cover the Murray trial. I’d had very high hopes that I would be able to be back online before the trial got underway in September, but due to yet another curveball that life decided to throw us at that point, it did not happen. So here we are, with the trial entering what will most likely be its final week. I was really looking forward to bringing you many, many chapters of Murray’s Believe It Or Not (my own little take on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not) as we weighed through all of the ridiculous defense theories. But at this point, I guess all of that is really moot. Everything that’s been done or said during this trial has already been thoroughly hashed out, scrutinized, analyzed, poked, prodded, inspected, dejected, etc., etc on many, many sites. Once Dr. Paul White is cross-examined by the prosecuton on Monday, it will all be pretty much over save for closing arguements, jury deliberation-and, of course, the verdict.

What I will most likely do is post a general, overall summary of my thoughts on the entire trial, rather than trying to play a desperate game of “catch up” with everything that has transpired. Like most of you, I’ve been glued to my set and to the internet these past four weeks, and boy has it been a rollercoaster of emotions! Over the next week or so, I’ll post my thoughts, analysis, and reflections on this last week of the trial, as well as my summary of the past four weeks overall. I’ll just say there have been a lot of things that have surprised me-pleasantly so, but then a lot of things that were totally in line with what I expected, along with a few shockers, and yes, some moments of total disgust.

In the meantime, I just want you all to know how much your loyalty to me during this difficult time has been appreciated!