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Michael Jackson Christmas Message, 2002


“Let us reach out to those who are alone. Let’s tell them, you are NOT alone.”-Michael Jackson

Michael released several Christmas messages over the course of his career. I will post these periodically throughout the Christmas season. Today, I was particularly struck by this one as I tuned into just for a little background music while house cleaning. They were playing this speech. Thanks to the scroll, I was able to quickly look up the speech and accompanying video.

This was a Christmas speech Michael addressed to the children of Germany in 2002.  In perhaps its most poignant passage, he states why Christmas is the worst and saddest season for children in need, for it is when they are most reminded of what they don’t have.

A poignant speech indeed from the man who was never allowed to celebrate Christmas as a child.

ETA: I am so sorry, it looks as though embedding was disabled on the first video I posted. I found this one, which INCLUDES the full 2002 Christmas message, as well as combining it with the others.

Celebrating The Sensual Beauty of Michael Joseph Jackson


Taking a break from Murray and all the depressing stuff to showcase something I ran across that I absolutely loved, and I think most of you will, too! This video, posted by MissAliceChristin on Youtube, features the poses from Michael’s sensous Invincible photo shoot (the pole dancing shots!) showcased in a very artistic style. These are some lovely and breathtakingly gorgeous charcoal sketches made from those images. Very artistic, beautiful, and tastefully done-a true celebration of Michael Jackson’s mature beauty. Enjoy, and many thanks to MissAliceChristin for sharing!