"The Last Photo Shoots"-Hallelujah For Something Long Overdue!

the last photo shoots

I’ve been pumped ever since the news broke about this new documentary feature. Michael: The Last Photo Shoots, a project directed by Craig Williams, promises to be a fascinating glimpse into Michael’s 2007 photo shoots for Vogue and Ebony-not to mention a feast for the eyes.

Read more about the project here:


And judging by the adorable, rare behind the scenes clips that have already been made available, fans will soon have yet one more gem to add alongside This Is It and Spike Lee’s Bad 25.  And, more importantly, documentaries like this are adding, piece by piece, to the reconstruction and rediscovery of Michael Jackson’s image and artistry  that has been ongoing since 2009.



Judging by the title and content, there may not be much to learn that is new about Michael Jackson the musical artist here. But this documentary may well serve another purpose that is just as important, and just as crucial to the rehabilitation of Michael’s image. This documentary marks an important milestone as a celebration of Michael’s mature beauty, model looks, and sexuality-yes, a celebration of Michael’s beauty, post-surgery, post-vitiligo, and post the trauma of 2005. It was 2007, the height of the “Wacko Jacko” era, when the tabloid caricature that had been created of Michael Jackson-the “freak with the mutilated face and no nose”-was the only image most were familiar with. To be sure, I think that the idea of Michael Jackson having participated in a series of high profile modeling shoots as recently as 2007 might seem hard to believe to a generation raised on the notion that this was a man who had supposedly spent his last decade as a “self-mutilated freak.” I know those photos were a revelation to me when I first discovered them, and served as an important milestone in introducing me to the beauty of mature Michael. It was also the beginning of my education into the media conspiracy that had determined to sell us on a lie.

Fans, of course, know all about these photos. But the reason why this documentary just may be of vital importance is that it finally allows the public at large, for perhaps the first time, a chance to see Michael’s mature looks and appearance cast in a new mold. Judging by what I have seen from these clips, this is certainly not Michael Jackson The Caricature. The clips utilized, as well as the photos, celebrate Michael as a photogenic artist and as a sensual man who is very confident in his own skin. To see Michael in his maturity being celebrated as a photo subject worthy of serious study and appreciation is, for sure, going to be an eye opening revelation for many. In my estimation, it’s something long overdue.

I half suspect, of course, that we’ll still see our share of snarky reviews. The media is a tough and bullheaded lot. After having invested years into convincing the public that Michael Jackson in any era post Thriller was a freak, they aren’t going to give up the ghost so easily.

But the clips speak for themselves, loud and clear.

Contrary to popular myth, Michael Jackson was not a cute youth who grew into a wreck of a human being. He was a cute but somewhat shy and akward youth who blossomed into a ripe, confident man full of swag. And, as true in 2007 as it had been in 1982, he was still an artist in complete control of what he wanted-and how he wanted to look.

I have only seen the clips, but it’s enough to convince me that Michael: The Last Photo Shoots is going to be a treasure.

And, just maybe, the start of a long overdue reassessment of Michael Jackson as a man who never ceased to be beautiful, but instead, became even moreso in his final years.

For those who would like to read more on the topic of Michael’s mature beauty, check out my article from February 2012, Why I Love The Mature Face of Michael, which continues to be one of the most popular articles I have ever done for this website (apparently, I am not alone in my assessment!):


Michael's Notes Reveal: He Was Being LIED To!

Notes3A lot is being written right now about those handwritten notes left by Michael-you know, the ones that Katherine Jackson wants admitted into the trial, and for which AEG are staunchly trying to keep out, claiming they are irrelevant  hearsay.

My first reaction was to question the intentions of both sides. Why would Katherine, who has endured a long and bitter trial to “prove” that AEG recklessly hired Muray, want to admit as evidence a collection of notes in which Michael seemingly admits he wants Murray at his side to administer his “drip?”

Conversely, why would AEG fight to keep such evidence out, when it would seem that this could only bolster their case?

I think those answers become clear soon enough, on deeper inspection. Katherine’s attorneys seem to feel confident that jurors will look past this apparent self-admission for the desire of Murray’s services, to what may be their deeper implications.

On the surface, these notes seem little more than the usual manifestos that Michael liked to write. These kinds of inspirational manifestos were a consistent pattern throughout his life, and I see nothing here that in any way deviates from the same grandiose plans that Michael was laying out for himself as early as 1979.





The media, as usual, tends to over analyze everything when it comes to Michael. They will overly scrutinize every phrase for signs of some mental deterioration, or for signs of “desperation”-a very overused word that has popped up in so much of the media coverage of these notes. Somehow, despite all the evidence that Michael was writing these kinds of notes to himself for years, and that it was a practice that had at least partially as much to do with his great success as his talent-and even after being the subject of a recent 60 Minutes episode-the media will continue to view this as “a bizarre practice from a desperate mind,” as well as somehow convincing themselves that each new batch discovered is revealing this practice for the very first time.  The recent New York Daily News article, for example, must have made certain to mention his spelling errors at least a half dozen times-as if anyone edits all of their spelling perfectly when scribbling out a private note that is never intended to be seen by anyone else, anyway!

But in this case, there is, at least, some justification to the use of the word “desperation.” Unlike those similar notes from earlier periods, these do reveal a disturbing distrust of those around him-most importantly, those around him in his final days who were making so many of his business decisions.

The media, for example, will write of his “desperation” with no attempt to answer why he felt the need to write himself a reminder to sign all of his own checks. Or why he was so adamant in his fear and distrust of Thome, a man who we know was in cahoots with Phillips and company throughout the entire proceedings. Or why he states emphatically the need to hire accountants “I trust” and the necessity of meeting them. If we mean “desperation” in the sense that many of these notes reveal the mind of a person feeling cornered and losing control, then yes, they are desperate.

Was Michael In His Final Weeks Being Misled-Either Willfully Or Ignorantly- About The Benefits Of Propofol-Induced Sleep? His Notes Say Yes!
Was Michael In His Final Weeks Being Misled-Either Willfully Or Ignorantly- About The Benefits Of Propofol-Induced Sleep? His Notes Say Yes!

But with all the back and forth haggling from both pro and anti AEG factions, and pro and anti Jackson family factions, and all the media’s psychoanalyzing, it somewhat amazes me that no one has picked up on one of the most blatantly obvious clues revealed by these notes.

In the same note in which Michael insists on needing Murray to provide his “drip” he also says this: “I can’t be tired after procedure, to {sic] important (?), RIM {sic] sleep.”

I am not sure if “important” is the correct word here, since the handwriting becomes a bit illegible for me at that point, and that is why I have put a question mark beside it. But, Michael’s idiosyncratic spelling and penmanship aside, the gist of the message is crystal clear. Michael is saying that the “procedure” Murray performs is important because it will provide him with much-needed REM sleep. He seems genuinely under the impression that no other alternative form of sleep therapy or sleep aid will provide this.

But remember, this is exactly the OPPOSITE of what most real sleep experts claim, and, in fact, was the heart of Dr. Charles Czeisler’s entire testimony back in June:


You may recall that Dr. Charles Cziesler was the sleep expert witness paid for by the prosecution, who testified that in his expert opinion, it was the prolonged and sustained lack of REM sleep that killed Michael, and that even if Murray had not been negligent on the morning of June 25th, 2009, Michael would have had at best a few more weeks before his body shut down, anyway. It was Cziesler’s testimony that led to such Frankenstein-like headlines as “Michael Jackson May have Been The First Human Being To Ever Go 60 Days Without REM Sleep.” But sensationalism aside, there was more than a bit of truth to the claims. Based on Czeisler’s testimony, and what we know from the symptoms Michael was reportedly exhibiting in his final weeks, it became easy to draw the conclusion that Michael’s body was slowly and painfully shutting down as a direct result of having had no REM sleep in over two months!

I've Increased The Size Of The Note Here So You Can See Where MJ States He Genuinely Believes That Going Under A Propofol Drip Will Induce The Things He Needed Most-REM SLEEP!
I’ve Increased The Size Of The Note Here So You Can See Where MJ States He Genuinely Believes That Going Under A Propofol Drip Will Induce The Things He Needed Most-REM SLEEP!

Now that I have seen the above note, it has opened my eyes to an even more ominous possibility. It seems that Michael had been led to genuinely believe that propofol infusions would, in fact, produce REM sleep-the very thing he was most in need of. But who had been responsible for feeding him that misinformation? Did it come directly from Murray, or earlier doctors? And what about some of the self-proclaimed sleep experts that Michael was seeking in his last months, before turning to Murray?

Could it be possible that a genuine belief in this misinformation cost him his life, as well as weeks’ worth of unnecessary suffering? And what of the person who had convinced him? Ignorance or intentional malice?

Unfortunately, as happens so often, this kind of evidence only raises more questions than it answers. But one thing I feel very certain about after having seen this note.

If Michael genuinely believed he needed propofol infusions in order to get REM sleep, he was being fed a load of bull.

The big question that remains is: Who was feeding him that bull, and why?

And to look at the larger picture, it is very clear to me that AEG is more afraid of what these notes reveal, than any potential boost they might have to their case just because Michael seemed in favor of Murray. I just think there are too many powerful people who fear being put under the scrutiny that they know those notes will invite.

And when the media chooses to focus only on what the notes reveal about Michael’s “troubled/desperate/dark state of mind” (take your adjective pick here) they are playing right into the plan.

With Literally Days To Live...If Michael Was Being Misled And Lied To About Propofol Use, Who Was Doing The Lying-And Why?
With Literally Days To Live…If Michael Was Being Misled And Lied To About Propofol Use, Who Was Doing The Lying-And Why?

Michael’s state of mind, whether emotional or psychological, will always be questioned, while the most important questions raised by evidence such as this will always go ignored.


Wade Robson: What The Heck Is Really Going On? Pt 4

Harold Bloom Put It Best: "Dark Forces Were Gathering Around Him."
Howard Bloom Put It Best: “Dark Forces Were Gathering Around Him.”

When I left off in Part Three, I was discussing Victor Gutierrez, his connections to NAMBLA, and his quest to connect Michael to pedophilia as early as 1986. This led to a series of interviews with parents of children associated with Michael. We know that one of these parents ended up being none other than Evan Chandler, who was already upset with Michael and blaming him as the guy who had broken up his family. We can only imagine that it didn’t take much persuasion to convince Evan, either to construct a lie or to believe the worst.

Back in 2010, I did a piece entitled “Evan Chandler Confessed To Drugging Michael.” This wasn’t exactly in-depth detective work, since the whole incident was discussed quite openly in Ray Chandler’s book All That Glitters. It was just that it surprised me how few people actually knew about this incident (and I think this is largely because MJ fans, as a whole, tend to avoid negative books about him). However, it  also surprises me that even a lot of haters don’t seem to know about this incident. Or if they do, they don’t admit it-perhaps out of embarrassment! (Evan’s actions that particular Memorial Day weekend are pretty hard to defend).

Evan Drugged Michael And Attempted To Set Him Up-By His Own Admission!
Evan Drugged Michael And Attempted To Set Him Up-By His Own Admission!

Let’s revisit what I wrote in 2010. Since most of these older AFLB articles did not convert well when the site was restored (a lot of the original formatting was screwed up) I won’t bother linking to them, but will just copy and paste those passages that are relevant to our purposes now.

For those of you who may be wondering why I’m spending so much time discussing the Chandlers right now, when the focus of this series is on Wade Robson and his allegations, please be patient. Understanding the roots of these allegations is crucial to understanding how someone like Wade Robson has become convinced he can get away with bringing more accusations in 2013. And it is not an easy web to untangle!

First of all, for a glimpse of Evan Chandler’s mindset at or about the time when Gutierrez would have visited him, let’s look at what I wrote in a piece from April 2010 titled “Was Daddy Just Jealous Cause Daddy Couldn’t Play?”:

Michael pretty much had Evan Chandler’s entire family as semi-permanent guests at Neverland,  including ex-wife June and son Jordan, not to mention Jordan’s half-sister Lilly, whose presence in the picture often gets conveniently overlooked, since the media always loved to focus on the presence of little boys at Neverland while ignoring the fact that there were just as many female children who came and went on a regular basis.


I wrote in November that Evan Chandler couldn’t have been a happy camper during all this. June had divorced him; he had lost custody of his son to her. And now here they were, the two of them, living the high life courtesy of a glamorous and rich pop superstar who had all the success that Evan Chandler wanted, but couldn’t achieve (yes, he had written the succesful Robin Hood: Men In Tights, but in Hollywood, as we know too well, one is only as succesful as one’s last project. And in 1993, Chandler was struggling to get the $20 million he needed to finance his latest projects).

I’ve always maintained that the reason the Jackson-Chandler situation reached such a head was because I suspect there was a lot more emotional investment than just the fact that Michael had befriended this family. For starters, the relationship between Michael and June Chandler has been the source of some speculation. In this anonymous note, published at the time that the National Enquirer first ran the story of Michael and Scott Thorson and which some believed to have come from Frank Cascio early on (I believe it is now generally accepted that Cascio was most likely NOT the source of this note. I am more prone now to believe it may have come from Bob Jones) but, at any rate, who wrote it is not nearly as important as what it says. If we cast aside the possibility that the note could have been completely fabricated (which I can’t rule out, although I believe it has the ring of authenticity) it sounds very likely that that June Chandler was just another notch in Michael’s belt…or perhaps more?

“Then he was celibate for about 3
years, before becoming involved with a pretty, blond employee of his,
an actress from a popular ’80s/early ’90s sitcom, a singer that nobody
cares about anymore but was the ish back in the day, some
groupie/secretary, June Chandler (the mother of punk @#$%$ Jordan who got jealous
of mommy’s relationship with Michael)
 and, of course, Lisa Marie…”

(Excerpted from “Was Michael Jackson A Womanizer”  http://reclaimingafallenking.blogspot.com/).

It does raise some interesting questions as well as putting a whole other spin on how the Chandler drama unfolded the way it did.

michael and chandlers

First of all, it makes sense that Michael would have been sprung for June Chandler Schwartz. She was a gorgeous, exotic beauty with supermodel looks. Additionally, his behavior with June is very consistent with other stories of how he conducted himself when sprung for a woman. The invitations to Neverland, the lavish gifts, the trips and vacations together, allowing her full use of his credit card…all of the things that most critics pinpointed as evidence that Michael was “grooming her” so as to get access to Jordan…makes far more sense in the context that Michael was, in fact, grooming June, in the same way that men have groomed the objects of their lust ever since-well, ever since time began.

Also, without question, he formed a close bond with her two children Jordie and Lilly. Michael became the father figure for Jordan that Evan had never been. Besides, when you’re 13 years old, who wouldn’t want a dad who lives in a fantastical, magic place like Neverland and has amusement park rides in his backyard and can take you on fun, exotic  trips all over the world?

So…put yourself in Evan Chandler’s place. What does he see happening? Hmmm. Well, his son is getting to play with Michael Jackson and having a blast. Mommy is getting to play with Michael Jackson and having a blast. Guess what? Daddy decides he should deserve to play with Michael Jackson and have a blast, as well.

Except for one thing Evan Chandler didn’t quite bargain on. You see, Michael Jackson didn’t find daddies to be nearly as much fun. Back in November when I wrote that first blog [this is reference to a piece I did on Evan and Michael in Nov 2009] I also wasn’t as much aware of  just what lengths Evan Chandler went to in order to become best buds with Michael. I was aware that he wanted Michael to finance his film projects. But I didn’t know just how extensively Chandler badgered him with proposed business deals, or to the extent with which he tried desperately to ingratiate himself to Michael, even going so far at one point as to suggest building his own guest house at Neverland so that he could come and go as he pleased, or stay as long as he liked. Michael refused. He also refused to back any of Evan Chandler’s increasingly demanding business schemes and ventures.

To be honest, there may have been more at stake here than just issues over money and business. After all, this was a period in Michael’s life where he was becoming increasingly desperate for a family, and for the sense of normalcy that having a family gives. I think partially the reason he took the Chandlers in as he did was because he came to view them as a substitute family at first, and then perhaps eventually, as the possibility for a very real family. But the problem: It was never truly “his” family.” It was Evan Chadler’s family, estranged or not. Thus, I think what what really went down was a case of two men who were both seeing their “families” threatened to be pulled asunder, and were fighting with desperate measures to keep it from happening. Michael felt that Evan was an abusive father to Jordie and should be kept away from him; Evan Chandler came to feel that Michael was a bad influence on Jordie. It was a mutual resentment that grew out of mistrust on both sides, and greed on the part of Chandler.

In an excellent series that I’ve been following from Thomas Harris, this is what Harris has to say about the relationship between Michael Jackson and Evan Chandler:

It’s interesting to note that not only does Chandler’s actions, in going to Michael’s entourage and demanding money to finance his screen projects instead of to the authorities, raise suspicion about his motives, but equally interesting is the fact that Michael refused to have any part of this deal, which he rightfully recognized as an extortion attempt. Keep in mind this was after-not before-Evan was already suspecting that Michael was molesting Jordan. Now think about this for a millisecond: IF Michael was guilty of those accusations, and knew it, it would stand to reason that he would have a guilty conscience, and would be extremely paranoid and fearful at even the hint of possibility that this thing could be turned over to the authorities and, even worse, leaked to the press. He would have moved hell or high water to keep that from happening. When you think about it, $20 million to back a few (most likely lousy) scripts that would most likely never get made anyway, wouldn’t have been a drop in the bucket for Michael. A man with a guilty conscience would have paid the sum willingly just to buy Evan Chandler’s silence. People who like to point to the Chandler settlement as proof of Michael’s guilt should weigh that one long and hard. Michael had a golden opportunity to buy their silence long before the insurance settlement, and had he done so -had he caved in to Chandler’s demands to back his screenplays-most likely, nothing pertaining to the Chandlers and Michael Jackson would have ever made it into the media at all. If Michael had been able to foresee the future, would he have changed his mind about backing Chandler’s deals? I doubt it. Michael was naive in some ways, but he was not the gullible fool that many tried to portray him as. He knew when he was being “taken.” He knew he wasn’t guilty. He stood his ground, and in the end, paid the price for doing so.
Okay, so now let’s move forward to that infamous incident of  Memorial Day weekend, 1993:

 Now, what initially made Evan suspicious is when June called Evan from Neverland on April 9th, 1993(pages 16-17) and told him that they are BOTH going to lose control over Jordie to MJ. She didn’t suspect anything sexual, but just felt that Jordie was spending too much time with MJ.  Here is the part where Evan drugs MJ on Memorial Day weekend 1993, from page 45:

Monique reiterated her opinion that Michael was taking up too much of Jordie’s life.  But this time she offered an additional observation.  “Jordie doesn’t even know you’re in the room, Evan.  Can’t you see what’s going on?  They’re in love!”  (Does this not strike anyone as odd? Who the heck uses language like that for discussing an adult’s relationship with a child!).

As You Can See In This Photo With Omer Bhatti, Michael's Young Friends DID Tend To Dress Like Him, and Michael Seemed To Encourage It. But How Much Of This Was Simply Hero Worship And Ego? Did Some-Like Evan-Try To Read Too Much Into It?
As You Can See In This Photo With Omer Bhatti, Michael’s Young Friends DID Tend To Dress Like Him, and Michael Seemed To Encourage It. But How Much Of This Was Simply Hero Worship And Ego? Did Some-Like Evan-Try To Read Too Much Into It?

 The minute the “L” word left Monique’s mouth, Evan believed she was right.  “It should have been a dead giveaway,” Evan recalled weeks later, “when Jordie came walking in the house that night wearing tight black pants, white socks, black loafers and a black fedora, and Michael came walking in right behind him wearing the same thing.  Or when they ran off in to the living room together after dinner and closed the door behind them, leaving me to work alone on the history paper.  Or that Michael never once called Jordie by name, referring to him instead by affectionate nicknames like Applehead and Doo Doo Head.”  (Evan obviously hadn’t spent much time around Neverland; otherwise, he would have known that Michael and ALL of the kids referred to each other by those names).

 “Do you think it’s physical?” Evan asked his wife.

 “I don’t know?” Monique answered.  “It could just be infatuation. But whatever it is, it’s not good for Jordie.”

At this point, Monique suggested that Evan straight up ask Jordie if it was sexual, and Evan agreed.  One morning, MJ woke up with a splitting headache, and sent Jordie to seek Evan’s help.  Evan was in the bathroom, when Jordie sought his help (pages 46-49):

I’ll be there in a minute”. Evan said, and as Jordie turned to leave, added, “Hey Jordie, are you and Michael doin’ it?”

 That’s disgusting!” Jordie reacted.  “I’m not into that!”

 “Just kidding.” (Okay, I know he explains why he did it, but still…that whole conversation just totally creeped me out!).

 Evan explained it this way.  “It was crude, but I was so anxious, I decided on the spur of the moment to say it because I figured it would elicit an unplanned response.”  Jordie’s repulsion brought Evan great relief.  So much so, that he felt quite chipper as he walked down the hall to check on Michael.

 The singer was walking in circles, holding his head.  “I didn’t sleep all night,” he complained. “I’ve got a bad headache. I get them all the time.”

 “Do you know what causes them?”  Evan asked.

 “Yeah, I’ve had them ever since my hair caught fire.  They said it’s from the surgery.”

 Evan offered the standard remedies, aspirin and Tylenol, but Michael insisted they had no effect on him and that his doctor usually gave him a shot of something, he didn’t know what.  When Evan suggested that the call his doctor, Michael refused.  He didn’t want to bother the man on a holiday weekend.  Instead, he asked Evan if he could give him something stronger. 

 Evan rattled off a list of drugs to see if he could find out what Michael’s doctor used.  When he mentioned Demerol, Michael said that sounded familiar.  Evan did not use Demerol in his practice, so he called Mark Torbiner for advice.  The anesthesiologist suggested an injection of Toradol, a non-narcotic equivalent to Demerol, and offered to pick some up at Evan’s office and bring it to his house. 

 Evan injected 30mg, half the maximum dose, into Michael’s gluteus.  (So Evan was playing doctor?). But one hour later the star claimed he was still in a lot of pain, so Evan administered the remaining half and instructed him to lie down and try to relax.

 “Keep an eye on him,” Evan told Jordie.  “It’ll take a few minutes to kick in.  I’ll be right back.”

 “When I went back to check on him, maybe ten minutes later,” Evan recalled, “He was acting weird, babbling incoherently and slurring is speech.  Toradol is pretty safe drug, and I thought that either he was having a rare reaction or had taken another drug and was having a combination reaction.” (Or maybe he was given something else altogether?).

 Other than the drunk-like symptoms, Michael’s pulse and respirations were normal and he appeared to be in no real danger.  So Evan took no further action. 

 But Jordie was scared.  He had seen his friend “acting strange” before, but never like this.

 “Don’t worry,” Evan assured his son, “Right now Michael’s the happiest person in the world.  All we need to do is keep him awake and talking until the drug wears off.”

 Four hours and a serious case of cottonmouth later, Michael began to sober up.  While Jordie was downstairs fetching water, Evan decided to take advantage of Michael’s still uninhibited but somewhat coherent condition.  “Hey, Mike, I was just wondering….I mean, I don’t care either way, but I know some of your closest people are gay, and I was wondering if you’re gay too?”  (This is the big WTF moment!).

 “You’d be surprised about a lot of people in this town,” Michael mumbled, as he rattled off the names of a few prominent Hollywood players who were still in the closet. (Poor Mike, but I have to confess, the thought of Michael babbling incoherently about who was and wasn’t “in the closet” was kind of funny…well, okay, it was a little bit funny, anyway).

 Evan tried to get back on track before Jordie returned.  He stroked Michael’s hair and reassured him,  “I don’t care if you’re gay, Mike.  I just want you to know you can tell me if you are.”

 “Uh-uh”, Michael slurred.  “Not me.” (Lol! Evan wasn’t pulling THAT one over on him!).

Given Michael’s willingness to talk openly about everyone else’s sexuality, his consistent denial about being gay reinforced Evan’s belief that the singer was asexual. (As if there were only two choices? Gimme a break!).

 Michael remained in bed all day, with Jordie sitting by his side on the edge of the single bed.  Cody joined them about ten, and by ten-thirty the three boys were fast asleep.

 Evan was tired, too, but the thought that Michael might awake during the night and take more drugs caused him to get up several times to check on the star.  On his third visit, around 3am, Evan found the boys still fast asleep.  But Jordie was now in Michael’s bed, spooning, with Michael’s arm wrapped tightly around the boy, his hand resting on the boy’s crotch on the outside of the covers.

 Ever so gently, Evan picked up Michael’s arm and moved it to the side, then slowly pulled back the covers.  Thank God!  They were both fully clothed.

Looking back now on what I wrote in July of 2010, there are other details from that account that really leap out and make you wonder. Notice that even though Evan claims to already have suspicions that Michael is molesting his son, he not only purposely sets him up to sleep in the same room, but-upon discovering them allegedly “spooning” in bed, simply lets them be after satisfying himself that they were both clothed. (Wouldn’t a concerned parent have woken the kid up, or Michael up, then and there-fully clothed or not!-and told one or the other of them that this was not acceptable and that they were going to have to sleep elsewhere? Well, yes. Any normal parent would have. But remember, Evan had much bigger designs for down the road).

Could The Infamous "Toradol Incident" Have Been Set Up As An Excuse To Get Michael In The Buff?
Could The Infamous “Toradol Incident” Been Set Up As An Excuse To Get Michael In The Buff?

Also, is it not possible that the “Toradol incident” could have been staged as an excuse to get MJ unclothed below the waist (since its administration required a shot in the glut) so that, perhaps they might be able to correlate a description later on? I think this is certainly plausible. Even if the description Jordie gave later did not match, it could very well be possible that this whole incident was a setup to give them that opportunity.

And what of Michael’s relationship with June? I want to come back to this because it plays into exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about when it came to Michael’s relationships with many of these families.

According to Ray Chandler, Evan not only believed that June was having an affair with Michael, but even stated how happy he was that maybe June had finally met a guy who would be good to her. After seeing the tickets Michael had bought for her to Monaco, he even entertained some hope that she might divorce her then-husband David Schwartz and hook up with Michael. (I am sure, no doubt, he was already envisioning how profitably an alliance between Michael and his ex wife might benefit him!).

And although certainly not the most reliable of witnesses, Adrian MacManus testified under oath that she frequently saw June coming and going from Michael’s bedroom at Neverland.


Also, about the time that June began hanging out with Michael, she separated from David Schwartz, and her visits to Michael increased exponentially.

Michael gave her a Cartier love bracelet-not exactly a gift to be taken lightly! You can read more about the story behind the bracelet here:


Michael Gave June A Cartier Love Bracelet. This Bracelet Is Strictly "For Lovers Only."
Michael Gave June A Cartier Love Bracelet. This Bracelet Is Strictly “For Lovers Only.”

Michael’s infatuation with June and her family did not exactly go unnoticed. Before long, even the tabloids were picking up the story (though if this National Enquirer story from 1993 is the one that Ray Chandler was referring to from May 17, 1993, he says it was June’s sister who sold the story).

Although I do not have the scan, the text from that ’93 article is quite interesting. The headline reads: MICHAEL JACKSON’S SECRET FAMILY-A MILLIONAIRE WIFE AND HER TWO KIDS. The story presents a somewhat bizarre love triangle between Michael, a married woman, and her two kids, although readers are left with the impression that the worst anyone could accuse Michael of in this instance is for carrying on an infatuation with a married woman. (Hardly a crime by Hollywood standards). June and her two kids are referred to repeatedly as Michael’s “family.” “I consider you my own family,” Michael is reported as saying in the article. “And I’ll look out for you as if you were.” At another point, he is quoted as saying, “We have so much fun together that it’s ecstasy.”

This story came right on the heels of Michael’s month long “residence” with the family in Las Vegas in April of 1993. Even though Jordie is mentioned several times in the article-including a shopping spree at Toys ‘R Us and a dinner at the Mirage’s Chinese restaurant-it is clear that in this context, none of his behavior with Jordan apparently raised any suspicions, and it seems for all appearances that he was giving both children equal treatment.

“”When Michael walked back to the villa holding their hands, he was smiling like a proud papa,’ said an eyewitness.”

A proud papa. Nothing more; nothing less.

It’s also interesting that one of the exclusive feature photos of the issue is a beautiful photo of Michael cuddling Lilly.

Here is a video that does a good job of outlining how the Michael/June affair came about; other than repeating the lie regarding the rumor that Jordan had recanted his story (he has not) it is very informative:


Anyway, in light of everything mentioned in that National Enquirer article, I am 100% certain it must have been the one Ray Chandler was referring to when he stated:

Simultaneous with their return from Europe, the National Enquirer released a story that disturbed Evan greatly. While he was aware that anyone hanging around with Michael would eventually appear in the tabloids this particular story was about Michael’s new family and described Jordie as if he was the singer’s adopted son.

The article was pure hype, but Evan feared that Jordie might now be a target for kidnappers or jealous fans. Michael had voiced his love for many children, all children, but never before had any one child been described as being that close to the superstar.

Knowing that Dave would share his concerns, Evan suggested he tell June to “stop yapping to her friends.” It was a sister of June’s closest friend who had sold the story to the Enquirer.

Two days later June called Evan to scold him for telling Dave she had a big mouth. No sooner had June finished with Evan when Dave called. If Evan was upset about the Enquirer article, Dave was livid. “That asshole is destroying my business and my family!” he screamed into the phone. Dave told Evan he was getting calls from friends and business acquaintances expressing their sympathy for the loss of his family. He felt humiliated.

Dave also felt double-crossed. Before June left for Europe he gave her five thousand dollars and told her not to accept any gifts from Michael. Dave didn’t seem to care at this point that Michael was constantly showering presents on his kids, but his wife was another story. June took the five thousand, but she was not about to pass up a Jackson-financed shopping spree just to pacify the ego of her estranged husband.

Dave was jealous, but of greater concern was the effect on his business. He was heavily leveraged in a down-turned real estate market, and things were not going well. With his family’s exploits plastered all over the tabloids, his creditors became even more nervous now that his personal life was unstable.

“Calm down,” Evan told Dave. “I’ll call June and see if I can work things out.”

But June had her own lament. “He wants me to get rid of Michael,” she told Evan. “Why should I? Michael’s been good to the kids and me. Dave ignores them. He hardly even bothers to call Kelly anymore. Uh-uh, no way.” It appears as if June was more willing to get rid of Dave than she was of Michael. Dave and June’s marriage had been strained for many years and they had unofficially separated several months before Michael came into their lives.-Ray Chandler.

An interesting dynamic sprung up between Evan and David Schwartz shortly thereafter, in which both men would act interchangeably, and by turns, as both allies and bitter rivals. In a sense, Michael became something of a pawn in both of their schemes to “get even,” with Dave sometimes acting in Michael’s corner, and other times, betraying him, depending on which side of Evan’s he happened to be on any given particular day. Schwartz would eventually demand his own four million dollar settlement from Michael, after having been turned down for a request of a four million dollar loan to pay off a personal debt.

The infamous tape in which Evan confessed he was out to ruin Michael: Apparently, Dave at least “pretended” to be on Evan’s side that day, only to betray him later by releasing the tape:


However, the portion of the tape that most media outlets played conveniently left out an important piece to the puzzle. Here is an excerpt from Charles Thomson’s 2009 article “Chandler Suicide Highlights Media Bias Against Jackson.” The highlighted passages are my emphasis.

When Evan first met Jackson he felt ‘exhilaration’ and ‘awe’. However, when Jackson stopped returning his calls he became bitter. On July 8th 1993 Evan was tape recorded complaining that Michael had stopped telephoning him: ‘There was no reason why he had to stop calling me’. 

He added that he’d had a conversation with Jackson and told him ‘exactly what I want out of the relationship with him’. 

‘I picked the nastiest son of a bitch I could find,’ he said of his new attorney. ‘All he wants to do is get this out in the public as fast as he can, as big as he can, and humiliate as many people as he can. He’s nasty, he’s mean, he’s smart and he’s hungry for publicity. Everything’s going according to a certain plan that isn’t just mine. Once I make that phone call, this guy is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it. I’ve given him full authority to do that.’

‘If I go through with this, I win big time,’ he continued. ‘There is no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever. June will lose [custody] and Michael’s career will be over.’


This is interesting. If the plan wasn’t “just” Evan’s than whose plan was it? Who was conspiring with him? Secondly, it’s interesting to note that this wasn’t just a plan to destroy Michael, but to destroy June, as well. Evan makes it very clear that his resentment and desire for revenge is aimed at both of them, as a pair.

Into this volatile mix, at some point, enters Victor Gutierrez, the man who has been on a mission since the late 1980’s to “prove” Michael a pedophile.

Evan Chandler Wrote "Don't Let This Happen" On What Was Allegedly A "Suicide Drawing" Done By Jordan. Chandler Gave Gutierrez Permission To Use The Sketch In MJWML.
Evan Chandler Wrote “Don’t Let This Happen” On What Was Allegedly A “Suicide Drawing” Done By Jordan. Chandler Gave Gutierrez Permission To Use The Sketch In MJWML.

At what point did Evan Chandler and Victor Gutierrez hook up? Unfortunately, that is where the mystery remains. It would be wonderful to know for certain that it was before June of 1993, and perhaps one day that important missing piece of the puzzle will be put into place. But for sure, we know that these men not only did meet, but collaborated on several of the illustrations and  documents that went into Michael Jackson Was My Lover. Apparently, however, the friendship between Chandler and Gutierrez eventually soured.

One thing I have noticed-and so have many others!-is that Evan, like Gutierrez, seemed to have an unusually perverted obsession with the idea of a romantic link between Michael and his son. It doesn’t take much detective work to realize that these men spoke the same language (the lingo of NAMBLA and of boy lovers everywhere). Evan’s use of phrases such as “in love” (when referring to Michael and Jordan) are directly in line with much of the language that permeates Gutierrez’s own descriptions.

And let’s not forget what Carrie Fischer said of Evan Chandler:

But remember that dentist who sued Michael for molesting his kid?

Yes, that was my dentist. Evan Chandler, D.D.S. Dentist to the Stars. And this same Dr. Chandler—long before the lawsuit was brought (though not necessarily before it was contemplated)—needed someone to brag to about his son’s burgeoning friendship with Michael Jackson. (This was years before Michael had children of his own.) And so my “dentist” would go on and on about how much his son liked Michael Jackson and, more important, how muchMichael Jackson liked his son. And the most disturbing thing I remember him saying was, “You know, my son is very good looking.”

Now I ask you—what father talks about his child that way? Well, maybe some do but (a) I don’t know them, and (b) they probably aren’t raising  an eyebrow and looking suggestive when they say it. Over the years I’ve heard many proud fathers tell me, “My son is great,” or “My kid is adorable,” but this was the only time I’d ever heard this particular boast:

“My son [unlike most average male offspring] is VERY [unsettling smile, raised eyebrows, maybe even a lewd wink] good-looking [pause for you to reflect and/or puke].”

It was grotesque! This man was letting me know that he had this valuable thing that he assumed Michael Jackson wanted, and it happened to be his son. But it wasn’t who his son was, it was what he was: “good-looking.”-Carrie Fischer.


More of Chandler's and Gutierrez's Collaborative "Artwork." Chandler Attempts To Theorize What He "Thinks" Michael's Penis Looks Like.
More of Chandler’s and Gutierrez’s Collaborative “Artwork.” Chandler Attempts To Theorize What He “Thinks” Michael’s Penis Looks Like.

In any event, what we have here is certainly a case of some interesting forces converging. In the next installment, I will look into some other rumored cases that pre-date the ’93 Chandler case and their origins. Also, as long promised, hopefully time will permit me in the next installment to address some of these troubling and puzzling issues regarding Michael’s relationships with kids for once and for all. But in closing, keep in mind what has already been established regarding Michael and June Chandler, who most likely were lovers (let’s stress most likely; we don’t know, of course, and June Chandler these days isn’t talking). Almost ALL of these boys, with a few exceptions I can count on one hand,came from families with single or divorced/estranged moms. Almost ALL of them (with perhaps one exception) had sisters. Remember when I said I believed sincerely that some of these friendships were smokescreens? Now you may be starting to follow my drift. Let’s just say that Michael’s libido probably got him into more than a few iffy situations-and NOT in the way that his detractors would have you think!

Stay tuned…

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