This is a place for anyone who loves Michael Jackson or is at least interested in him.  I’ll be blogging on the latest topics of interest to MJ fans, as well as linking to other great sources of info. I welcome all your comments, but please, no bashing that is serving no purpose except, well..to bash. The golden rule of thumb here is respect for Michael as an artist, an entertainer, a humanitarian and human being. I may occasionally raise some questions and tough issues, but the bottom line: It’s all for love. L-O-V-E.  Comments must relate specifically to the blog and/or to Michael Jackson. All others will be regarded as “spam” and deleted.

My name is Raven Woods. I’m a writer, sometime journalist, and all-around MJ fan.I’m not an MJ expert and don’t claim to be. I’m just a fan who enjoys sharing my views and insights with others. I have found that writing about him has helped me get through the grief over his loss. It helps me to put things in perspective. And like many of you, I am seeking justice and closure for what happened to him, as well as hoping that eventually his name and legacy will be fully exonerated by the media.

Some of my credentials include The W.B. Yeats Award, the International Merit Award from “The Atlanta Review,” The Hackney Literary Award, and two writing fellowships: The Albert and Elaine Borchard Fellowship and The Taos Summer Writer’s Conference. I have an MA in English from Mississippi State University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Georgia College and State University.


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  1. I heard about this blog today through the blog “Dancing with the Elephant”. I am genuinely interested in MJ and especially in everything that has to do with his art. I saw him in concert 3 times and in 1988 I had some eyecontact with him which was powerful and I will remember that brief moment for the rest of my life. I am a photographer specialised in wildlife and nature and my love for nature and animals is something MJ and I have in common. He also has been an inspiration for my own art and continues to be an inspiration.

    1. Hi Betty-Lou. Thanks for commenting! You are very fortunate to have seen Michael three times! What a great memory that must be.

  2. I don’t know how I ended up linked to your article about Michael’s children post his death. I am old. A year older than MJ, and I got the incredible experience of seeing him perform with the Jackson 5 in Hampton, Va. in the summer before 9th grade. I lived in a very small, rural college town in central Va. The lady I babysat for, her younger sister lived in the Hampton area and we became friends when she came to visit in the summers. I loved the J5, and when the tour was announced, I sent money and her parents bought us tickets. I rode the Greyhound bus by myself. I took in a tape recorder, which the cassette tape was lost over time. Our seats were very literally in the nose bleed section. I think we were 2 of the only 10 white people there. This was the time of large afro hairstyles. We sat between two sets of friends, and talk about fun !!! OMG! We sang and danced with them — firmly rooted in my seat for me, unlike MJ, I’m terrified of heights. And as they passed the binocs down the row, they let us have a turn — go on, honey, have a look. At that place and time, we were all one, all united in the incredible performance the entire band gave. I will never forget when Michael sang I’ll be there — the last “there” wasn’t a single note, but started at the top end of the scale and moved downward in perfect pitch and then harmony with the rest. Later, as an adult, I was shocked to learn of his total break down — not melt down or tantrum — after the show in the airport where he simply did not want to get on another airplane for another show. His father literally carried the squirming, kicking and screaming Michael up the stairway — before the days of airports where planes park at the terminal — you used to have to walk over the tarmac, out to the plane, and then up a flight of stairs that were wheeled out, and deplane the same way. As I read your article, I kept thinking, this young woman should be a writer — I didn’t read the “about” link first. It’s been many years, and I hope you are still writing. I was devastated by the criminal allegations against Michael, and refused to believe they were anything more than a shakedown of money. I worked in the legal industry for more than two decades, and multi-million, multi-billion dollar corporations, who are self insured, as well as insurance companies, will often settle for huge amts. out of court, even if they feel they have a winning case, for fear of a larger verdict and extended litigation down the road — especially in California — I worked in Va. and don’t know the exact details, but CA has a special tort law. I worked on a case in Va., but the home office of the deft. was in CA, where the plaintiff filed an action as well as VA. We were in court, with the jury in the box, when the attys met with the judge in chambers, where for the next three hours they hammered out an outrageous settlement amount, which included dismissing the CA action in perpetuity. It turns out, the Plf, who is now in jail for actions regarding the matter, and will remain for the rest of his life, would not have prevailed due to the case arriving from his criminal actions, perjury, all kinds of stuff. But who knew at the time? So that is why Sony made the decision to pay out in the first case, even though they had a recording where the father in a telephone call admitted he was going to own MJ and everything — but at one point would agree to a lesser amt. if he got a screenplay he wrote made into a movie — they did not pay because there was proof of the claim. The 2005 case, the mother had previously lied in a shoplifting action in JC Penney’s, which gave the jury reasonable doubt. I don’t know whether the claims were true. I do know a lot of childhood celebrities were themselves victims. I hope not. I think Michael sought the company of children because his childhood had been stolen — but his life before gave him his most precious gifts, his children. I wish would have written a book about raising kids. I’m a single mom of 1 child, and it is so hard sometimes. I remember video of he and Prince playing chess when Prince was really young, like 3 or so …. The thing that irks me the most about Michael’s death are the allegations he faked his death and is still alive. His children were in pain after his passing, especially little Paris. He would have never put them through that. I think that Prince will become the patriarch of the entire family as he ages. I pray God grants each of them grace — and happiness.

    1. Thank you for sharing your lovely story, Patricia. That was so wonderful that you had the experience of seeing Michael live!

      I agree about Prince. Joe and Katherine’s days are winding down, sad to say, but I believe Prince has what it takes to step in as patriarch.

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