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  1. Hi Raven;

    This may be a dumb question, but have you changed the layout of your website?

    The comments are not showing up at the end of your articles. I thought it might be my computer, but my computer at work is the same – no comments at the end of your articles. It says “Share This” where the comments were previously. I can see the comments by choosing the “Comments” on the right side of screen under where it says “Meta”. I don’t know if anyone else is finding the same problem, as I have not seen it mentioned. Thanks, Raven.

    1. I didn’t change the layout; WordPress did this automatically, and as you can probably tell, I am still peeved about it. They did some kind of update Friday night. This site is what is called the “Evening Shade” WordPress theme. They added two extra right columns to the Evening Shade theme that I had to go in and manually remove, because having them on the screen totally screwed up the format. Some of the updates I do like (I have a much better looking quote feature now, for example) but it’s been a nightmare trying to get things back to how they were as much as possible. As for the comments, I will have to check and see if that is a setting I can change.

      It was very frustrating what they did. I guess they assume that all blogs are just text but when you have blog posts that feature multiple images, links, videos, etc any change to the format can get screwed up really quickly. So I have spent the better part of the last few days just trying to get all of that stuff back to normal. I’ll see what’s up with the comments. Most likely, I can get it back the way it was but I will have to spend some time tinkering with it.

  2. Thank you very much, Raven, for your reply. I did see that “Evening Shade” thing Friday night and then later it was gone, so I thought it would soon be back to normal. I really didn’t think that you had intentinally changed it, but I couldn’t figure out what had happened. I know you are a very busy lady, so take your time. The comments are still accessible via the “Comments” heading. Good Luck!!! – Susan

    1. We ended up having to change the entire theme of the website. When they did the update, they completely screwed up the “Comments” feature for the Evening Shade theme. I’ve been doing some reading around, and apparently I’m not the only blog owner with this problem. Most have found no “easy fix” for the problem. I tried updating the settings; that didn’t work. When hubby came home, I asked him to have a look. He said basically “WordPress has screwed things up” and that the only way around it was to go with another theme. So…we have it now, and it is taking some getting used to after five years, but I kind of like it. It’s sort of like when you rearrange your furniture after a few years; it feels like you’ve got a whole, new house even though it’s still the same house, same furniture, etc. But it really annoys me that WordPress just does these things on a whim, with no warning of what these updates may entail.

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  4. I saw the photo where you talk about the selling off of Neverland: MJ shows the pyton “Madonna” to the children teaching them not to be afraid of anything.
    It’s a fake, it’s been altered, you can find the original on Google.

  5. What can I say???
    We all considered what really happened with Michael,and until today,I have many questions ab he died.I had visions too,but not ab his death,but about his spirit.I,m in contact with Mjs spirit,mostly after midnight until dawn.I can feel his presence,even a warm presence and I just could feel him sitting on my bed,while my mattrace was sinking in…..
    I don,t care,if pple believe me,or not,pple mostly only believe,what they are see with their eyes!
    I,m shocked to read ab ur visions in ur dreams,and to me it sounds very true…I read La Toyas book:Starting Over” and she found a lot of her brothers notes,he wrote:I hate Branka Ihate Thome Thome..I want my cars back…No way to fly wth them…I won,t!….Call Joseph,he will help me…and some more…
    I,m always asking about,Michael was feeling alone,when he layed down helpless???? But I,m a spiritual person,as he was and I,m pretty sure…His angel,or many angels,or Jesus was with him right by his side.
    I read another book:Michael Jackson King of hearts from Fabienna Feary…..this isn,t worth to read,she clames that she helped Michael to go to the light,and that he called her for help! This is rediculous,because No one needs any help to find the light after death!!!
    Much gratitude for ur statement,I believe!
    Much love from Eva Maria Uhl fr germany<3

    1. I agree there are some frauds out there, so I am understandably skeptical when psychics claim visitations with Michael and such but as I said, I knew what I had experienced-what I saw-and that is what convinced me to read Deborah’s book.

      And I do believe that Michael connects spiritually with a lot of us. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Hi Raven

    I have been trying to resubscribe to your blog but without any luck. I sent a message a couple of weeks back and ticked the boxes at the end of the comment to receive blogs and comments, but nothing has come through ???? any suggestions as to how I can receive your blog again as I really really want to!!? Thanx Caro

    1. I’m sorry you are still having issues with it. I’m not sure what is going on. I do know that we had a recent database crash, which forced us to have to deactivate a lot of the plug-ins before the problem was diagnosed. The crash prevented anyone from being able to see comments or to leave one, so of course that had to be fixed. It seems to be first one thing and another, unfortunately. WordPress is always doing these automatic updates, which also creates issues as well since any update can affect the settings and a whole host of other things. After the recent crash, I lost access to my stats as well. Since my husband and I both have the weekend off, I’m hoping we can use the time to address some of these issues, as well as reactivating some of the disabled features. The subscription feature, unfortunately, is one that has given us issues from the very get-go, and WordPress isn’t very helpful since all they offer is a customer forum that apparently isn’t even moderated by a live person. The only helpful advice WordPress customers ever seem to get is from another customer who has had similar problems-if they’re lucky. So right now I’m heaving a big sigh on this one. Hopefully, like I said, we may be able to get that feature working again soon.

  7. Hi Raven,

    You mentioned in the HIStory review that Michael felt like a slave on an auction block during the photo and video shoot of his most intimate areas … it makes so much sense and it is absolutely horrifying. It must have been incredibly traumatic. Can you tell me where you found that info?

    Many many thanks.


    1. That came from a personal interview several years ago with one of Michael’s close friends. I believe it has been quoted elsewhere, too, although it would take me too long at the moment to look it up.

      1. Thank you. I’ll keep looking for it. I did a quick google search but haven’t found anything. Would you be willing to share who said it? That might help me find it…

        I don’t know if you ever saw my reply to your very kind email about my housing situation. I so appreciated it Raven. Thanks again.

  8. Hi Raven

    just to let you know that I have taken out a 2nd email address which I have entered in the box above, and have tried to subscribe to your blog with it. It seems to have worked so far in that I got an email with a request to confirm my subscription.

    Have also done it for Dancing With The Elephant and that seems ok also.

    The proof of the pudding will be in receiving further postings from you and other peoples comments – holding thumbs!!

  9. Hi Raven,
    I am new to your site, having accessed through Helena’s Page. My name is Lynaire, a New Zealander and I am placed in the elderly bracket.
    Naturally , I had a Michael Experience the day he left, for me it
    was instant, brutal and probably more than my 65year old psyche could handle. My soul took over and the metaphysical became my norm. It intensified eight months later when my hubby died suddenly.
    My reason for explaining this is that during the early years the feeling of concern for what Michael suffered on Earth was not paramount. To me he had fulfilled his “mission” admirably and was directing from afar.
    Now six years later, this has changed, leaving me absolutely incensed by the “constant ,orchestrated, re-iteration of the litany of lies’ that he faced then and now. We don’t just think he is innocent, we happen to know!

  10. Raven, I am sorry, my post was inadvertently sent half way through and I have just found the time to finish.
    I wanted to comment on WR and his insight oriented therapy. Something I knew nothing about. The link Suzy provided was extremely interesting. If I am reading correctly, first it takes you in search of your soul. We know Wade found his but sadly it was a very dark one. Next the therapist ” helps” the client to find his truth in there and viola! the reason for his agony materialises. Of course it may not be reality truth it is conceded, but, hey who cares, he starts to feel better.” As long as the believer believes it, he is emboldened, enlivened and well on his way to mental health, plus a big payday.
    The other comment I have is because of your brilliant series The Australian Connection. It involves a dream I had in 2010.
    When WR came up with his nonsense, I thought that was why this dream occurred ,but after reading your words I believe it could be even deeper.
    It was set in America with my daughter and myself at the crest of a hill. There was a huge noise and I looked up and saw a mob
    of motley and unruly persons rushing up towards us. Michael was not visible but I knew they were after him. I asked “Who are they?” Though the only ones there were Wendy and I. A voice answered. “They are Australians”. I asked,”Who sent them?” “June”, was the answer.
    I whispered in my daughters ear. “Dial 911.( Our country is 111.) That scene ended with the knowingthat the police were not going to come. We were then walking up a street and passed by a cafe filled with police loaded with guns of all kinds. As we walked by one commented. “We just don’t worry about those cash rich people’. That is all I remember. I say to you, believe in those dreams you three had after Michael died. All of them I am sure will have parts of truth there.
    After I read your story about the Aussies, I started to think, maybe my dream was a warning of what was beginning to transpire around that time.
    The reference to June may be telling. She was the one who started it all really.
    Thanks for listening,

  11. Hi Lynaire, thanks for commenting! I don’t believe anything is ever really coincidental. There are connections that go deeper than we can ever understand.

    I do have reason to believe that much of this second wave of muddying Michael’s name stems from a small group originating out of Australia and the UK. Wade is a part of it.

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