Michael's Boys: A Month of Milestones

blanket and princeI had to take a sidetrack from discussing the Susan Fast book and Dangerous to acknowledge this as a month of milestones for Michael’s two boys. Prince turned 18 today, and just a little over a week from now, Blanket will be turning 13.


There are a couple of things that can make me feel really old-well, maybe three. One is realizing that grunge music is now “classic rock.” Another is anytime I happen past a supermarket tabloid to see Prince William and Kate with baby George. Goodness, it seems like only yesterday that those same tabloid covers were filled with pics of William as a swaddling baby in Diana’s arms!

And the third thing…realizing that Michael Jackson’s firstborn is now an adult! And yes, just like with William, it seems like only yesterday that we were hearing the news that Michael was a father-to-be.


Michael’s three kids have been through a lot since that tragic day almost six years ago when they lost the center of their world, but they have weathered the toughest of those storms and have emerged all the stronger for it.  Now, the day that so many fans have longed to see has arrived. Prince is a legal adult, and from this day forward, will be taking the reigns as his own man. Finally, at least some of those never ceasing concerns over the children’s welfare can finally be laid to rest. Prince can now take charge of his decisions and, I am sure, will continue to look out for his younger siblings’s best interests.


As Prince embarks on the road to adulthood, his baby brother Blanket will soon be reaching a milestone of his own: On February 21, he becomes a teenager. Since Michael was apparently so very much into planned parenting, and rarely did anything by happenstance (it seems he was as much of a perfectionist about parenting as he was with everything else in his life) one can’t help but wonder if he planned it this way on purpose, so that as his eldest embarked upon the throne of adulthood, he could help lead his little brother across that troublesome threshold of teenhood. For sure, becoming a teenager can be the most exciting time in a child’s life. But it also comes with its share of problems. In Blanket’s case, I can’t think of any better support system than what he has in his two siblings, Prince and Paris.


Of Course, As We All Know, Blanket Has Already Been Perfecting His Teenage Angst Scowl For Years!
Of Course, As We All Know, Blanket Has Already Been Perfecting His Teenage Angst Scowl For Years, LOL!

Lastly, I cannot feel completely right to rejoice in these milestones for Michael’s children while knowing that, as of this writing, Bobbi Kristina Brown is still fighting for her life. But for the grace of God, Paris could have ended up in a similar fate in 2013, and I am thankful every day that Michael’s beautiful baby girl is still with us. People tend to forget that it’s a tough life for celebrity children, and especially those who have lost their parents far too young. Imagine trying to grieve, and at the same time working your way through all the up’s and down’s of adolescence, beneath the constant, unforgiving glare of the spotlight!

Recent Photo Of Paris: Still Beautiful; Still Surviving
Recent Photo Of Paris: Still Beautiful; Still Surviving

We can be thankful that all three of Michael’s beautiful children have made it through that storm. That isn’t to say that troubles and dark times won’t lie ahead. But every milestone reached is another notch carved, a reminder that love and strong family ties can help to heal all wounds.

Sketch Of Prince Testifying At His Father's Death Trial. It's Not An Easy Life For The Young Children Of Deceased Celebrities. Money Doesn't Replace A Parent's Love.
Sketch Of Prince Testifying At His Father’s Death Trial. It’s Not An Easy Life For The Young Children Of Deceased Celebrities. Money Doesn’t Replace A Parent’s Love.

Here’s wishing a very happy birthday month to Michael’s two beautiful, young men (I can’t say “boys” anymore!) and a warm embrace to all three. We love you, PP&B!


5 thoughts on “Michael's Boys: A Month of Milestones”

  1. I know this is mainly about the boys but when Bobby Christina was found; I thought of Paris. Yes…..Paris was fortunate but then, we still don’t know how Bobby wound up in that tub. Maybe she passed out or there was foul play.

    Whatever the reason…..I do hope that Paris is aware of how fortunate she was to come through and that she will receive all of the help she needs.

    1. There is an investigation going on. Nick Gordan has hired a lawyer, so evidently he is being targeted as a possible suspect.

      Paris is indeed very fortunate. The change in her has also been apparent. This is just an observation, but she seems much more grounded now; more like her old self. It seems like she is a little more at peace these days. I hope that is true, anyway.

  2. I could not have said it better than his dad.

    “Prince I wish for you to learn about perseverance, confidence and the true meanings of success which is love. It is totally up to you. You can do anything you want and I love you.”

    Also keeping Bobby Kristina in my thoughts. Hope she is not in pain .
    Happy for Paris that she made it and is on the road to recovery.

  3. Sina….Such a beautiful quote from his dad.
    I don’t believe all this bs that has been printed lately about how Prince is going off the rails. He and the others will always have to deal with stufff life that for the rest of their lives no doubt.

  4. This is just an observation, but she seems much more grounded

    She appears that way to me also.

    When Oprah interviewed Katherine and her in the new house, IMO she appeared protective and concerned about Katherine. Just a thought, but perhaps she is better off staying at that house rather than going back home. At that place they are concentrating only on her problems and that is probably what she needs right now. Especially at her age.

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