FULL "A Place With No Name"

It’s as beautiful as the snippet promised! I have no idea how long this will be available.  Enjoy while you can!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this song – I love it!
    (Much better than America’s “Horse w/ No Name”, don’t you think?)

    Time to hit “replay” 🙂

  2. Amazing.. it brought a lump to my throat. Michael had such a versatile voice.. enjoy.. I most certainly did!!

    ( Is this going to be the song we will never be able to have, just as Ghosts is the film we can never have.. both marvellous examples of his later work)

    1. @MagUK

      Maybe I misunderstand you but I have a DVD of Ghosts, the full film. I got it thru’ Amazon a few years ago.

      1. Oh thanks so much “IBIW”.. I see this is advertised on Amazon UK.. for some reason I thought because it is a video CD it wouldn’t work here in the UK.. but there are a lot of reviews and no problems mentioned.. just about to place my order !!

  3. The previous clip was made unavailable but it looks like it was re-posted. I will try to keep a version here as long as there are posts available on YT.

  4. Isn’t it amazing.. as soon as the full version is available it’s taken down. We know that copyright laws must be enforced.. but somehow I don’t think that’s what Michael would have wanted do you ?

  5. Just listened to the song . WOW!
    This is the best Michael song I have heard in years.
    And the first cover – if I remember well- he recorded, since the motown years.
    At first I didnt pay attention because I thought it was the same snippets that leaked a while ago.
    I dont understand why they didnt include this song on the Michael album instead of all the controversial songs that today noone remembers anymore.

    Thanks for uploading the song Raven. It feels like a birthday present to me 🙂
    Its a pity that it is leaked and there is no special momentum for this briliant song.
    I already loved the original and most of the time the original is the best. But now I am not so sure. Love it!

    Good that Bashir got sacked, its long overdue. He is poison everywhere.

    1. It puzzles me, too. There is enough material for a killer MJ album; the kind that would actually have people buzzing in a GOOD way. I don’t know why they are continuing to sit on some of his best tracks. What is the hold up? I can see the wisdom of trying to spread them out, but gosh dang it! This one was first leaked over four years ago, and they know it’s one that fans have been DYING to hear.

      Enough with the waiting already.

      This will be the first Christmas in several years that I won’t have any new Michael goodies to look forward to. In the past several years, there has always been some product I could look forward to seeing under my tree. I don’t think there are any releases planned for this holiday season (unless this leak is a hint of something to come).

    2. I could surely add the sacking of Bashir to my list of things to be grateful for! It continues to amaze me that those who wronged Michael seem to be getting a good dose of karma lately. (Coincidence?). True, it is not in the way I would prefer. Bashir should have received this treatment for what he did to Michael years ago.

      Perhaps the fact that I do not personally care for Palin has something to do with it. I just can’t dredge up any sympathy for her, and could care less what Bashir has to say about her. But still, it’s high time he learned that if you go around saying and doing whatever you feel like to people, it is bound to come back to haunt you sooner or later.

  6. Sina said, “Good that Bashir got sacked, its long overdue. He is poison everywhere.”

    So true and such welcome news!!! The idea he was ever hired in the first place was baffling concidering his history. I just wonder where he will pop up next? Hopefully he’ll just fade away.

    In similar news, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Randy Phillips get shown the door recently at AEG Live?

    As for MJ Christmas offerings for 2013 it does appear this will be a very light season. Hmmmm. Anyway, I agree with all here regarding the track Raven posted above. Very enjoyable…:-)

  7. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 1918 – 2013

    Yesterday, the world saw the passing of an inspirational leader and an outstanding advocate of the worthiness of all humanity. With everything he experienced in his life he had every right to be angry and bitter but chose a very different path indeed. Michael seemed very much in tune with Nelson Mandela’s non-violent ideology and emphasis on reconciliation in order to rebuild relationships and rebuild a nation torn apart by the poison that was apartheid. I sometimes wonder how much that example, along with his personal relationship with Mandela, influenced the way Michael saw his relationships with various individuals in his life especially his difficult relationship with his father and the effort he made in later years to reconcile with him. No doubt such influence was significant. Raven, I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the passing of Nelson Mandela. It would also be great to read your thoughts on his influence on Michael.

    1. I will probably post something over the weekend. I actually have several posts in draft right now (I tend to write that way) and would like to complete some of them, but Mandela’s passing is certainly too huge to not at least acknowledge. You know that someone has a very huge connection to Michael when even the estate takes time out to make an official statement on it. There were certain people for whom Michael glowed in their presence. Princess Diana was one. Nelson Mandela was another.

      But I know that he had been suffering physically for a long time. I feel in some ways as I did when my grandmother passed (and he was of her generation). There comes a point where the mortal coil has to be shaken off so the spirit can be reborn. Mandela had suffered for a long time; his body was spent. He is now at rest, leaving behind a life that was a testament of strength, endurance, and good will.

      1. I should also have added it would be interesting to know your thoughts not just on Mandela’s influence on Michael but Michael’s influence on Mandela if such is known. Certainly we know that Mandela had written a message of condolence as read by Smokey Robinson during Michael’s memorial over 4 years ago where he concidered Michael part of his family.

      2. Dr. Patrick Treacy posted this today on Twitter:

        ptreacy‏ @ptreacy
        “I had the honour of meeting Nelson Mandela. This funny incident picked up by the news media related to a time I was …http://lnkd.in/dFCfrYX ”

        Dr. Patrick Treacy, Michael Jackson And Nelson Mandela

        That’s Mandiba – Grandfather

        “I was with Michael Jackson one day in my clinic in Dublin discussing a future concert we were arranging in Africa when Nelson came talking on the cell phone.

        At first I thought it was a South African concert promoter and blandly spoke to him about how life was in the Cape for about five to ten minutes minutes before idly giving the phone back.

        Michael then just laughed and said, ‘Hey, Patrick I’m really surprised you had so little to say to my grandfather ‘Mandiba’ when you had the chance to talk to him. You talk about him enough!'”


    1. Yes, I saw that piece! I was going to do a more detailed write-up on “A Place With No Name” this weekend, but then with the passing of Mandela, a post in tribute to him felt more appropriate at this time. I will do my post on the song later this week.

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