Ohio State University Marching Band Tribute


Something occurred to me today. You see, I was going to add this video as a kind of sideline post on my Allforloveblog Facebook page. Then I watched it again. And I thought, “What the holy &^*% am I thinking?” This deserves to be at the top of Allforloveblog’s home page!

Why should I continue to give people like Wade Robson front and center attention, while these kids who worked their butts off to put together this astounding and beautiful tribute are relegated to the sidelines? This is what celebrating Michael Jackson is all about-or should be! Sometimes it becomes too easy to get caught up in all the negative stuff, and to forget that there is so much to celebrate!

Okay, so I’ll get back to all the other stuff in due time. But I had a few minutes to kill today, and I felt the urge to give these kids their proper kudos. If you are like me and not a football fan, you might have missed this. I didn’t see it until it started making the social media rounds. It is awesome-a word I try to discourage my students from using, but, well, this is…truly awesome.

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  1. Why should I continue to give people like Wade Robson front and center attention, while these kids who worked their butts off to put together this astounding and beautiful tribute are relegated to the sidelines?

    Yes!! Bravo!! My heart swelled with pride watching this tribute to Michael. THAT is what his legacy should be about!

  2. Amazing! I don’t know how many times my hair stood on end while watching this video. MJ would have been grinning from ear to ear!

  3. Watching this brought tears to my eyes. What a talented band and what a really wonderful tribute to MJ. I’d like to envision this:

    God knew this was going to happen so He gently and with great pride, put his arm around his beloved son and said…”Michael, you never have to doubt how great you are and how much the world still loves you and always will”….watch this band pay tribute to you! And as Michael stood at the edge of Heaven and with devine eyes looked through the clouds, his whole face lit up with a smile that made the sun envious. “I guess they really do love me, don’t they Father?” “Yes, my Son, they do!”

    Thanks so much Raven. I believe that God will deal with the darkness. Michael is forever in light and as long as we’re here, we won’t ever let that light diminish. We miss you, Michael! 🙂

  4. I watched the full version and it brought me almost to tears. I can only imagine how much work the marching band did to make this awesome tribute happen ! Not to mention the applause of the audience. The best thing is, that despite all these “efforts” of WR, DD, SB and all the other ****, MJ is still the top earning artist, ONE is the most popular show in Vegas, his FB page has almost 67 Mill followers, the number of his fans and tributes and statues is constantly growing, isn´t this just wonderful ? A few days ago I read a comment of a fan “stop talking haters, we long ago stopped listen to you” ! So much malice to bring him down all these years and it was all pointless in the end ! They could kill the man, but the could not stop his legacy and won´t ever !!!

  5. Appleh: I couldn’t agree with you more. I, too, was in tears. The love from those kids and the roar of the crowd made me so proud. I know Michael was watching from heaven and with that beautiful smile put his hand to chest and said “I love you more.” The numbers and the accolades speak louder than any hater. Thank you, Michael, for all you gave to us and continue to give.

  6. Can’t help wondering, wouldn’t it be something if this OSU band tribute to Michael were to at least part of the Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2014?

    1. Frankly, I would rather see this than some of what passes for entertainment at Superbowl half time shows these days. The acts are getting lamer and lamer every year.

  7. Yes, this is really awesome! The MOONWALK is something really awesome! Watching this made my heart beat faster. Great great tribute! Michael’ s presence with us!

  8. Hi Raven;

    Did you see the children’s choir performing “We Are The World” for the Pope?

    It starts at about 2:25:15 (about 2 and one quarter hours in).

    Another beautiful Michael Moment!!

    1. Hi Susan,

      Many many thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of joy. We Are The World sang by children to the Pope!!!!!!!!! With baloons going to heaven… What can we say? Tears of happiness! Michael is crying up there…

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