RIP Donna Summer

"His Greatness Was Perfection"-Donna Summer On Michael Jackson

When I was very little, I used to sometimes get Diana Ross and Donna Summer confused. But maybe that’s not too hard to understand why-at least, in a kid’s mind. They were both beautiful disco divas of the era, both had names that began with the letter “D”, both had really big hair-and both loved Michael Jackson.

Of course, by 1979, there was no confusing the two. That was the summer that everyone was going around singing, “Toot toot, hey, beep beep!”

We are still not even halfway into 2012, and already this has shaped up to be a sad year of losses, at least, it seems, for my generation. Allforloveblog is a site dedicated to Michael Jackson, so of course my focus here is on him. But I think it is only the respectful thing to do to take a moment out and pay tribute to those friends who loved and respected him when they, too, have been called home. I just wish I wasn’t doing the fourth such tribute in only three months’ time.

Rare clip of an energetic, young Michael singing on Donna’s record State of Independence, along with other superstars, in 1982 (thanks, Sina,  for the find!). Interesting in that this predates We Are The World by about three years!


Donna Summer reacts to the news of Michael’s death on Larry King:


Donna was not able to attend Michael’s memorial service because she was performing in Paris. But she compensated with a beautiful tribute:


"I Will Miss His Light, I Will Miss His Star"-Donna Summer On Michael Jackson

“I Will Miss His Light, I Will Miss His Star”…and we will miss your light and your star, Miss Summer! Thank you for all the years of dancing joy!

My favorite Donna Summer song; this is still one of the hottest jams to ever leap out of a set of stereo speakers (this is what we were all secretly listening to in the closet when we were running around saying disco sucked-forgive us our sins!)


3 thoughts on “RIP Donna Summer”

  1. I am speechless.
    Just came home from a beautiful documentary about Bob Marley who passed away 31 yrs ago ,clicked on the blog to find the news about Donna Summer. So unexpected.
    This was music I was dancing to in my disco era
    My favourite Donna songs are Hot stuff and ofcourse the anthem with Michaels (and others )background vocals , The state of independence.

    Rip Donna.

    1. Thank you for posting this. I wasn’t aware of this clip, but I know she mentioned in the Larry King interview that Michael had sang on one of her records. I’m guessing she meant this one. I really don’t remember the song at all, but this is interesting because if it’s from ’82, this predates We Are The World and even Band-Aid by about three years. Maybe this was where some of the seed was planted for We Are The World later (?) Hmm. Interesting.

      If you don’t mind, I am going to post this video in the main article, where more people coming through can see it.

  2. Its very late here and Im stil in shock
    Raven thanks for breaking the news.
    Here is an energetic life version of hotstuf, with a very young Donna.

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