Two and a Half Years

By the time many of you see this posting, it will be December 25th in most parts of the world. This date marks not only the official Christmas holiday, but the two and a half year mark of Michael’s passing. It seems like only yesterday, and yet how time flies! My little niece, who was born the year Michael left us, is walking now. In fact, last year she took her first, hesitant steps as “Heal The World” played. For many of us, the tears have dried-but the aching, empty spot remains. Yet being surrounded by love always reminds me of everything Michael stood for.

I love this picture. Most of you will recognize it, of course. It’s from the segment in Private Home Movies where Elizabeth Taylor gave Michael his very first Christmas. There’s a certain poignancy in this that never fails to register with me. This was a 35-year-old man who had never known the joy of Christmas; who as a child himself had never been allowed to celebrate it. I know the Jehovah’s Witnesses have many special family days that make up for the lack of Christmas and other holidays-but let’s face it, nothing beats the joy on a child’s face when they open a shiny, new gift on Christmas morning!

Or even, judging here, the joy on a grown man’s face in receiving a shiny, new Christmas gift for the first time ever!

Knowing that justice was served this year makes it finally a little easier to move forward, and to be thankful this holiday season.

Continue to RIP sweetie, and I hope there are LOTS of neat Super Soakers in Heaven!

And to all of you, have a very merry and safe Christmas holiday!

4 thoughts on “Two and a Half Years”

  1. I also want to wish you and everyone a joy filled and safe Christmas!!!

    Like you, Raven, I also hope that Michael is able to enjoy one of his favorite pastimes with lots of water balloons and Super Soakers!!!…:-)

    By the way, I love the snow flake effect on your blog. Nice touch…:-)


  2. Thank you Raven for the wonderful post! Happy Holidays everyone! Sometimes it is still hard to understand that Michael isn’t physically here with us, that we won’t see that beautiful smile again. We will soon be reaching teh three year mark, and everything that has happened is so vivid. I do hope that Michael is enjoying that well deserved peace and knows how much we love him. Blessings to everyone.

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