Celebrating The Sensual Beauty of Michael Joseph Jackson


Taking a break from Murray and all the depressing stuff to showcase something I ran across that I absolutely loved, and I think most of you will, too! This video, posted by MissAliceChristin on Youtube, features the poses from Michael’s sensous Invincible photo shoot (the pole dancing shots!) showcased in a very artistic style. These are some lovely and breathtakingly gorgeous charcoal sketches made from those images. Very artistic, beautiful, and tastefully done-a true celebration of Michael Jackson’s mature beauty. Enjoy, and many thanks to MissAliceChristin for sharing!

6 thoughts on “Celebrating The Sensual Beauty of Michael Joseph Jackson”

  1. Your timing is perfect, we need this breather. And your choice of material is perfect. The charcoal sketches are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing! And thanks too to MissAliceChristin.

  2. Oh be still my beating heart..sigh. I absolutely LOVE this photoshoot. Mr Invincible AND a pole??? I mean..seriously..what’s not to like!!! The charcoal drawing at around 3.40 sent shivers up and down my spine. MissAliceChristin is an amazing artist. Bless you for sharing this Raven..just what I need to see as I lay in bed *winks*

  3. If it ever became possible, I would immediately buy one of her drawings then have it matted and framed for my home. They are beyond stunning!

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