In An Ideal World

The MJ estate has issued a letter to MSNBC. By now, I’m sure most of you have already seen it, but if not, you can read the letter in its entirety here:

Just by doing a quick google search, one can assess how the media is reacting to this letter, using a plethora of colorfully descriptive adjectives: “Blistering” and “Scathing” have been the two most common. And, just like David Walgreen’s closing arguements, it is also brilliant in its uncompromising, brutal honesty. In fact, I think a lot of us these days are taking a cue from Mr. Walgreen, that the only way to fight this fight is head on.

But is it enough? So far, I haven’t seen any indication that MSNBC plans to pull the plug on Friday night’s broadcast of that hot mess for which they reportedly shelled out 300k:

The estate can express disgust all they want, and I’m glad they did speak out. But expressing disgust is unfortunately not enough to stop greed and exploitation. Legal action is the only language these people understand. The reality is that Murray very calculatedly and sneakily worked his way around every legal loophole here by lining all of his ducks up before the conviction. However, what I am even more incensed by than Murray’s manipulative sneakiness is NBC and MSNBC’s sneakiness. These people knew-the entire time that Michael Jackson’s family, children, and fans were sitting on pins and needles awaiting that verdict-that they were planning to bradcast this. But they kept a lid on it until the day after the verdict, thereby succesfully defusing any legal loopholes that might have still been an option had there been more time to work with. Murray knew it when he made the decision not to testify under oath. As the estate letter says, what MSNBC is now allowing Murray to do is to speak out “with no fear of cross examination.”  Again, Murray knew this the day he sat in court and answered that he would not testify on his behalf. While a lot of us felt relieved by his decision at the time, because we didn’t want to stomach hearing anymore of his lies, in hindsight I now wish he had. It would have been the best thing that could have happened, because by the time Walgreen would have gotten done tearing him down, this man would have had not an ounce, not a shred, of credibility left. And MSNBC would have been left looking like total idiots.

Honestly, some of the stuff Murray has cooked up for this doc sounds like the worst kind of hack horror story writing. That Michael literally looked like his “Thriller”-zombie self as he begged for his “milk?” Come on! I guess next, we will hear that Murray stood there screaming like Ola Ray as Michael Jackson morphed into some hybrid creature, growing fangs and snarling, “Give me my milk…now!”


Murray Wants Us To Believe He Was As Scared As Ola Ray...Yeah, Right!

Trust me, Murray wasn’t screaming like Ola Ray. Murray was on the damned phone with his cocktail waitress! Now does any of this really add up? Think about it for a minute. If Murray had really been dealing with such a distraught patient, he wouldn’t have even had the time and energy to be making phone calls to women. His hands would have been full dealing with and trying to calm his patient. No, the more likely truth-which the jury believed-was that Murray had Michael attached to a drip and out like a proverbial light so he could do what he wanted without having to be bothered by his “troublesome” patient.

But really, hashing out these details again is pointless because the jury made their decision, and Murray has been convicted. Which brings us back to MSNBC and this “Fatal Friendship” bs. (Oh yes, it was “fatal” all right; fatal for Michael Jackson!).

In an ideal world, what should happen in the event this broadcast cannot be stopped? While I’m still optimistic that it’s not too late, I have also been giving a lot of thought to how some lemonade might best be squeezed out of this rotten lemon. The worst case scenario is for Murray to be allowed to personally profit from this.

On HLN Tuesday night, they were interviewing that smirking defense analyst (I can’t think of her name, but she is one they interviewed periodically throughout the trial, who of course always sided with the defense) and she had the gall to defend this action by bringing Murray’s children into the mix. “Those children are innocent,” she said. “Why should they be made to suffer?” She went on to say how Murray’s children would need textbooks, clothes, medicine, ete, etc. And how were they supposed to have these things if their father is in jail, cannot practice medicine, and can no longer provide for them?

Well, Vinnie Politan had a good comeback, which is that Murray should have been thinking about his kids when he was on the phone with Sade Anding. But considering none of that can be undone, let’s consider her point for just a minute.

I have actually thought about Conrad Murray’s minor children a lot since all of this went down. Of course, I feel a lot more pity for Michael Jackson’s children, who have lost their father forever. But as far as their material well being, Prince, Paris, and Blanket will never want. And it wasn’t just because they had a rich daddy; it was because they had a father who worked hard his entire life to ensure his children would be well provided for. On the other hand, Murray’s reputation as a deadbeat dad is already well known. And no, I don’t think his children should be made to suffer to pay for his crime.

I’ve also heard that some of Murray’s debtors are already crawling out of the woodwork with hands out. Not to mention the hard hit he is going to take in legal fees once the civil suits start rolling in.

In an ideal world, then, this is what should happen: Every red cent of that $300k needs to be divided into a trust fund to provide for his children, and the rest garnished to compensate his deadbeat bills. I’m sure there must be some sort of court order that could ensure that the money goes directly to Murray’s children and his debtors, and not one cent into his pockets. While I am sickened at the thought of Murray receiving any monetary compensation at all for Michael Jackson’s death, at least I will feel better if I know he isn’t getting to use any of it to pay for frolics on the Riviera or expensive shopping sprees to buy himself fancy new ties, now or in the future.

Networks Refused To Promote OJ Simpson's Book Or To Grant Him Interviews To Promote It-And He Was Never Even Convicted! So Why Is It OK To Allow Conrad Murray To Profit From His Crime?

In an ideal world, television networks would not care what a convicted felon who took the life of another human being has to say. And before anyone says, look, even Charles Manson has been interviewed on TV, think again: Manson’s interviews took place YEARS after the fact, and with the gruesome details of his crime well know, there was no danger of misleading the public. Manson’s interviews were more about “let’s see what this nut actually has to say” than any real stab at insight or truth. Still exploitation, but exploitation of a different kind. And as one of my readers, Susan, so aptly pointed out in a recent comment, O.J. Simpson-who was not even convicted of his crime-was refused a network platform to promote his book If I Did It, even ten years after the fact!

This is different. As the estate letter says, it is an obvious attempt to “shift the blame post-conviction to Michael Jackson.” Murray already knew that a guilty verdict was likely. He had his Plan B mapped out, well in advance. And unfortunately, the potential of another high-rated “crock” that could be as damaging to Michael’s reputation and legacy as the Martin Bashir program could have far longer lasting repercussions than Murray’s guilty verdict. In fact, this is worse than the Martin Bashir crock. At least in that program, it was Michael jackson’s own words, however edited or manipulated by Bashir. He was alive and had the opportunity to rebut. Now he cannot speak for himself, and Murray knows this. So does MSNBC.

In an ideal world, the public will see this steaming pile for what it is; critics will slam it as opportunistic exploitation, sponsors will abandon the network in droves, and MSNBC will be forever shamed for having had any hand in it. In an ideal world, Murray will sit in a jail for four years, while meanwhile his minor children eat well, go to school, and hopefully grow up to be better men and women than this sorry excuse for a father.

In an ideal world, Conrad Murray’s fifteen minutes of fame as the Man Who Killed Michael Jackson will be forgotten, while Michael Jackson’s legacy lives forever.

It’s a sad twist of irony that this moning, as I was reading a CNN article about the estate’s reaction to MSNBC, I saw beneath that same article a link to a story about Chris Tucker losing his home, and a link to a story about the death of Heavy D. I couldn’t help but think how sad it is for these two people-one a loyal friend to Michael Jackson through the years who is now facing foreclosure on his home, and the other being the guy who provided the rap on “Jam” and is thus forever associated with one of our happier memories of MJ, who now has died far too young. Granted, Chris Tucker’s personal financial hardships have no bearing on any of this, except to say that it just seems sad to think that while all of this misfortune is befalling others positively associated with Michael, that here is Murray getting to profit from killing him.

But in an ideal world, greed and corruption do not exist. Reality is a different story.

ETA: This is the letter I sent to NBC president Phil Griffin this morning:

Dear Mr Griffin:


By now I am sure you are aware of what this letter is going to say. I am appalled that NBC/MSNBC plans to give Conrad Murray-now a convicted felon-a platform in which to give the “testimony” he refused to give under oath. His interview and documentary were both in clear violation of the court gag order in place prior to the verdict. Murray has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in taking someone’s life-regardless of whether that life is Michael Jackson’s should be beside the point.


You have already heard from the estate of Michael Jackson and even from Jackson’s own family members. They have clearly expressed their feelings, yet NBC/MSNBC has chosen to ignore them. Many fans now feel that if the network has refused to listen to the Jackson family and even to the estate, what more can be done or said? Well, probaly not a lot. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speak what we feel. I could not rest with my conscience if I allowed this to pass without having said anything.


Since memories in this business tend to be short, let me remind you of something that occurred not so long ago. When OJ Simpson-who for the record was never even convicted of his crime-came out with his book “If I Did It” no one would even grant him an interview to promote it. Why? Because no one wanted to look like “the bad guys” who were supporting OJ Simpson, a “murderer” convicted in the court of public opinion, if not by the court.


But there seems to be no hestation whatsoever to give Conrad Murray a platform, post-conviction. As the estate letter clearly said, this is nothing but an attempt on Murray’s part to shift the blame to the victim, post-conviction, without fear of cross examination. The world knows that there were only two people in that room-and one cannot speak for himself because he isn’t here. A jury of Murray’s peers weighed the evidence, and voted in favor of a guilty verdict. That verdict should be allowed to stand, loud and clear. This is not the time, now, to allow the viewing public a chance to second guess that verdict, or to provide Murray an opportunity to undermine it. Murray had his opportunity to speak in court, under oath-and refused. I think we all know the reason for that.


If the public wants to know the truth about what happened the day Michael Jackson died, all they need do is consult the trial transcripts or videos. The entire procedure was covered for television, gavel to gavel. We heard what the jury heard. There is no big “untold story” here to be revealed, except for the one that exists in Conrad Murray’s vivid imagination. All MSNBC is doing is giving him a platform to spin more lies and deflect blame for his own actions. Of course, I don’t suppose NBC cares about that, as long as the end result is ratings.


However, you should know that I and many, many others will not be watching. We are not going to give Conrad Murray, convicted felon, nor MSNBC, the satisfaction of profitting from what we feel has been a very underhanded action on the part of this network and Murray himself. Nor will we purchase the products that sponsor this program.


At this juncture, we realize we probably cannot stop the airing of this documentary. But we will continue to voice our dissatisfaction and disgust, in such a way that the world will know that MSNBC/NBC played a hand in a very devious, underhanded scheme to manipulate and undermine the American justice system. Already your network is under much fire and media scrutiny for this action. I think the voice of disgust is going to grow louder, especially now with it being public knowledge that you ignored the pleas of a family still grieving their loved one-a family who has just undergone six weeks of hell, being made to u live through this tragedy all over again. Your decision to air this program smacks of the worst kind of insensitivity and opportunistic greed. I honestly feel this is something that is going to reflect poorly on MSNBC/NBC for a long time to come.


I would like to send out one last plea to you, before it is too late, to make the right decision and not air this program. But just know that whatever decision is made, this is not the last you will be hearing of this matter.



Raven Woods

Huntsville, Al




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  1. Like you, I want for a legal remedy to this situation but doubt we will get it in time. Perhaps he (and MSNBC) can be sued after it airs and his legal expenses can double.
    His wife (can’t believe she is still married to him) is a physician so those children will be cared for -it’s the others who have an uncertain future. I agree -any monies exchanged for this travesty of a documentary should go to them. They are blameless in this.
    Everyone seems to be preaching that they made on money from the documentary -Murray, Chernoff, Flanagan- so this bears the question. Where IS the money?

  2. Hi Raven!
    So good to see u back! I missed ur posts, hope u are doing well. 🙂

    Sorry for the looong post but I can’t help.

    The past few weeks have been hard for me like the rest of you. To be honest, I was scared of the trial because I thought it would be very bad for Michael’s image…God knows what things will be thrown around. But then, as it unfolded, I was relaxed (I don’t see any American channels)…nothing 2 bad came and Michael Jackson was vindicated with in his own voice. And those who care to really listen, somethings were clear:
    ->His state of health was above avg. for his age.
    ->His organs were in good shape (which indicates no long term abuse)
    ->Michael Jackson died because of a chronic sleep problem, which he was trying to address using wrong means. We had been long hearing he died of DRUG abuse (which is a totally different thing)

    And what we heard was “how much” Dr. Conrad Murray deviated from his line of duty. His abandonment of his patient led to MJ’s death. And he was pronounced Guilty. I had some sense of closure, may be for a day till I heard about this documentary…the same fears came back. More damage without cross examination. I was so angry…hurt more so after seeing Arvizo’s going on with their life as if nothing happened on vindicatemj.wordpress.

    I did not see the documentary on Channel 4 when it aired, just the last 10 mins and it showed a remorseful Murray…and the scene of 25th June, wounds opened up again. Today morning, I could not resist the temptation of what he really said in the one hour documentary…so I am GUILTY of watching it online.

    The show began with the proclamation that Conrad Murray was not profiting by airing of this show and the show was preceded by an examination of Dr. Murray by so called “respected” journalist “Steve Hewlette”. This journalist tried to ask him questions that were raised by the prosecution and Murray looked so pathetic responding to them…to the point he got up and said “enough”, I will answer the rest in Part 2 and the journalist was never given the opportunity again.

    Murray directly alleged Michael of abusing drugs(long time):
    He said, “His veins were so thin…spider like and that happens when their is long term abuse. I said this to Michael and he replied in a child like manner (which I won’t copy at this point) and said, “Really?”

    I did not understand what was the need and point of saying this. Again an attempt to make Michael look bad. I searched for “spider thin veins” and found that it is a condition of veins much like varicose veins and is no way related o long term drug abuse, this fact is corroborated by the Autopsy report.

    At another time as you mentioned, he said Michael on the day of his death was so desperate to sleep that he looked like his Thriller image.

    Apart from these two instances, the documentary makers defense and Murray talk about “his bed-room being messed up and Murray having to plead to him to have it cleaned up”. One of the defence lawyers said his bathroom had not been cleaned in months.

    To this I say, do you remember the nights before exams? How students are? How messed up our rooms are and how we look”. Why? Because we are preparing for something very important in our life and on the same line Michael Jackson had his life on the line by way of these concerts and should it be a big deal if it is messed up? And why can’t it be that Michael Jackson was cleaning his bathroom himself? At least the basics?
    I don’t know if he could trust some new “housekeepers” to do the cleaning…almost every body was a vulture in his life. On a side note, I was appalled to learn that on the private jet he used to turn himself in during the 2005 trial, there were secret cameras fitted!

    I saw a message on the mirror pasted by Michael, it said, “LOVE, no violence ever”. Thinking of it…this Love did Michael Jackson in. He paid the price of being so loving in this big, bad world.

    Apart from these instances, the documentary was not bad to Michael.

    And yes one more thing, Murray mentioned that after the meeting with Phillips from AEG, Randy Phillips said some very mean things about Michael Jackson. Saying, he was financially zero, if he does not finish these concerts, he will be on the road and that he is paying for the toilet roll that Michael uses…why does he need to have fu***ing 9 security guards?

    But it set me thinking Raven. I was connecting the dots…I remember the last chapter from Jermaine’s book. It said, Michael was really in a BAD financial shape in 2008…in fact the Neverland was saved with the help of Dr. Tohme Tohme in the last moment. Michael needed to make money so that he could get rid of his debt and have a decent home for his family. So these concerts were planned, 10 became 50 and so did the pressure built up. Michael could not have afforded to cancel these concerts…he would be financially ruined because of contract terms. It is a known thing about Mike that he could not sleep when performing…and he needed sleep to perform. That is where propofol comes in the picture. Mike had used it before and from what I know, he had really high tolerance for medications. So while, he never needed it before the planned “THis is it”, he did need it during the rehearsal. The pressure from Randy Phillips and the black mail of financial ruin must have been so gr8 that drove Michael to use this deadly drug again outside hospital setting….the difference this time he was more than a decade older. I remember reading, Michael once said in Staples Center during rehearsals, “I want someone to be nice to me today and Randy Phillips saying something rude in response. He had been personally monitoring the rehearsals.

    So we can imagine the pressure on Michael to perform and to perform he needed his elusive sleep. I don’t think Murray is lying when he says Michael was desperate for “milk”, he had good reasons to be. I also don’t think that AEG would have gotten Murray all that expensive monitoring equipment even if requested (they were saying Michael was a healthy 50 year old, which he was).
    But at least MUrray could have got the oxometer with an alarm? And the oxygen tank could have been full? ANd he could have opened the mask used for resuscitation?
    And I wonder, did anybody try to get some sleep expert to help Michael sleep? May be Michael could not trust even hospitals…I donno…

    So yes, on that night Murray abandoned Michael. So he is culpable. He got what he deserved.

    But the question is who is culpable for Michael’s desperation? Randy Phillips, AEG? Yes, they were mean but why did Michael need to do these shows when he very clearly knew, years ago and said, “If I go on tour, i will die”!

    Why was Michael in so much debt that he had to tour? Why was the most famous artist who had worked his ass off for 45 years close to financial ruin?

    It goes back to 2005 trial….I clearly remember Michael’s gr8 plans for his future he mentioned in his 2003 bday celebrations…what he will do…movies…entertainment parks…hotels and stuff. All of which would have generated enuff income without him to be on a tour, which his body could no longer handle (there is only so much a human body can take).

    In 2003 Michael Jackson was reinventing himself and had so many plans for the future. But Tom Sneddon and his evil empire stole them…Michael’s dreams were stolen…he was made to go through hell…his image in shreds and finally he had to abandon his home. From Bahrain to Ireland and back to Las Vegas (in search of ways to make a living again, my take) (I was sad to see his home in Las Vegas…no privacy…nothing…). He had not been making a lot of money for years now and financial liabilities ensured that he had a staggering debt so agreed to THIS IS IT!

    So who is really culpable for a stolen life, stolen dreams? And forcing a 50 year old man do things that nobody at that age is capable of?
    In my opinion, it is the following order:

    Tom Sneddon (and all those people who destroyed Michael’s life and dreams)
    AEG (the money hungry corp, if they had been kinder Michael would not have been so desperate…they wud not make him work like a machine and he wud no lose sleep at least to that extent)
    Last of all Conrad Murray, who abandoned him on 25th June.

    I think that is why Raven, I have been having a hard time with Arvizo’s…how can they simply go on and so happily at that?

    1. @BlueLotus

      Quoting what you said here:

      “I did not understand what was the need and point of saying this. Again an attempt to make Michael look bad. I searched for “spider thin veins” and found that it is a condition of veins much like varicose veins and is no way related to long term drug abuse, this fact is corroborated by the Autopsy report.”

      Exactly, and I’m going to be blogging on just that very topic sometime within the next few days. This is something I happen to know a little bit about. Why? Because I have the exact, same condition. In my case, it is hereditary. My entire family has been cursed with small, squirrely veins and injections of any kind are always a painful and tedious process that usually involves being stuck numerous times to even get a vein. I think Michael, like me, had this condition naturally, so it really bothers me to see Murray trying to turn this into a drug issue. Being a “doctor” (though I use the term loosely) he should know that there are people who have this condition naturally.

      Maybe I should just post the vid here and do a rebuttal to his entire interview. Debating whether I really want to undertake it. I am already just so sick of devoting time and space to this man when I would prefer to be discussing Michael and his life. I don’t know. I will need to give that some thought; maybe let the idea settle for a few days and see if I still think it’s worth the effort. But I do want to do a piece on this issue of veins and the whole notion of Michael as a junkie. There has been nothing but circumstantial evidence and hearsay to support this claim, yet the media has run with it as they have done so many things. If someone says, Michael was an addict I have no problem with that because Michael had a well publicized problem with prescription painkillers in the 90’s. But that does not a junkie make, and it really bothers me when people use that term so indiscriminantly.

  3. Gosh Raven, I realised my last comment is as big as a blog post itself. U may please choose not to post it…I just wanted to vent out. I am having a particularly hard time remembering why it came to what happened on 25th June.
    So for me there is no closure with Conrad Murray behind bars…so many people worked together to bring Michael where he found himself on that fateful day.

    1. No problem, BlueLotus. I love in-depth comments, and will try to respond in kind when I get a chance. Right now I am very caught up with matters pertaining to this documentary-excuse me, crockumentary. Trying to do what I can in the limited time I have to work with. Sent a letter to Phil Griffin this morning; will post it here in a bit. Don’t expect to reap any results, but I can’t say I haven’t tried.

      BTW, weren’t you the one who had sent me the email awhile back with some photos relating to Michael’s surgeries/nose jobs? I believe it was you, but my memory may be faulty. Some of these were pics that clearly illustrated how the media had photoshopped a lot of those pics; one was the infamous court pic from 2002. I no longer have that old email address and a lot of things were lost. If you could resend those to me, my new addy is

      I would still like to blog on that topic at some point.

  4. Yes Rave, I am the same person, will mail u again.

    Meanwhile, saw the script of the American version of the crockumentary an it is different and FAR, FAR worse…I wonder if these are 2 different ones or only the 1st 10 mins of interview part are different.

    I am feeling sick…

  5. Wonderful article and letter, Raven!! I sent out my letters/emails as well this week. I am beyond disgusted by all this! All I can say to Murray at this point is this: karma’s a *itch, old man! Wait for it because it will come.

  6. I read the transcript of the american version and it is really, really worse. I was so devastated ! It´s beyond my mind, how someone can talking about a “friend” in such an humiliating way. I never heard, that this was ever done to another celebrety. I hope the judge will consider all this in the sentence and he will get the full 4 years without probation or house arrest. What angers me too, is that despite a call for boycott many fans watched this **** and not only supported
    this mockumentary, but which is far more worse, that they stabbed MJ in the back !!!

    1. I was shocked, too, that some watched. I can understand that some people may want to know what was said in the doc and in the interview so we can rebut it, but there are other options besides watching it on TV and providing them ratings-Youtube, transcripts, etc. I guess for some, the curiosity got the better of them. The need to know if it was really “that bad.” From what I saw in clips, honestly, all it succeeds in doing is making Murray look like a lying slimeball. Even the interviewers are reading through his bs. This is the cross examination he didn’t get in court, and what’s worse (for Murray) is that he walked right into this willingly! I’m starting to wonder if this man has much going on upstairs, or if he’s such a sociopath that he really thought he could talk his way out of this with the public. From the articles I’ve seen, not too many are buying it. Also heard that Murray received a lot of perks from the film crew-expensive dinners, wines, limos, etc. Disgusting.

  7. My questions are now answered.

    During the preliminary hearing, I mentioned in this blog my questions on who paid Murray everything, especially the defense that no ordinary amount of money could cover. The possibility of a contracted murder at the price of 4 years in prison did not look so much remote.

    Now we knew about this deal of making money off his crime… It is also obvious that he recorded Michael without Michael’s knowledge for the purpose of selling everything Michael (he could steal) to the media at the best time for himself, the plan or rather the plot was in place since he started “working” for Michael.
    Except this piece did not help him, it helped the prosecution.

  8. I have not watched this documentary and don’t have the stomach to. I gather that Murray has done himself no favours. Apparently he comes across as egotistical and shows no remorse or even second guesses his actions.
    I have this belief – maybe I am wrong! – that generally people are not that dumb and not that bad inside. I think the haters are a very vocal, active minority and I do believe the average person – of average intelligence, reasonably decent and with a healthy skepticism – will see Murray for what he is. It is for this reason that I did not doubt for one second that Murray would be found guilty. My belief in the basic decency of humankind.
    As for Murray’s comments about Randy Philips. I think we must be very careful to not turn Randy P into the alternative villain here. I don’t know the intricacies of Michael’s relationship with AEG and I await the civil suit to hear the facts of that relationship. What I DO know is that a senior exec like Randy P, a man accustomed to the media circus that surrounded Michael, would not speak to the hired help like that. It was not Murray’s business and Randy would hardly bad mouth Michael to a stranger about something said stranger has no control over. I also know that Michael Jackson was “cash poor and asset rich” at the time of his death. He had assets (ATV and Mijac) conservatively worth $1.3 billion.Even if the hysterical estimates of his debt are correct (&500mill) that still leave Michael with a net worth of hundred of millions of dollars. I also know that Conrad Murray is a liar. And his lies serve to make him more important – such as him “comforting” Mrs. J and the kids in the hospital. This remark attributed to Randy P serves two purposes, it illustrates Michael’s “desperate circumstances” and it puts Dr. Murray in the centre of Michael Jackson’s world – a place he clearly coveted.
    Finally – as to Dr. Murray’s children. They have mothers that can take care of them. I don’t believe that he should profit from killing a man. And though I might feel sorry for innocent children, to me that will never override my feeling that he should not make a dime off Michael’s death.Even if Murray’s profits go to creditors and child support – he is STILL profiting – because his financial burden is decreasing through Michael Jackson’s death.

    1. @anniedomino

      You make a good point, and I agree. Where I was coming from is that if money HAS been paid to Murray, it is better for it to go to his children and debtors than into his pockets. Either way, he does benefit but like I said, at least he wouldn’t be able to use it for expensive dinners, vacations, and shopping sprees.

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