Scratch The "Sense Of Closure," This Fight's Not Over!

MSNBC/NBC, Zodiac Media, October Films, The UK's Ch 4 and Nine Network Among Those Planning To Aid Murray In Further Exploitation and Profit of MJ's Death


What was I just saying earlier about feeling like I finally have some sense of closure today? That was before I saw this!

Looks as though Zodiak Media, along with a little help from Uk’s Channel 4, MSNBC/NBC in the US, and Nine Network in Australia are planning to help convicted felon Conrad Murray to further exploit and profit from killing Michael Jackson. Rumors of this “crockumentary” have been swirling for awhile, but today was the first that I’ve seen what looks like actual confirmation that it’s a “go.” Too sick for words.

Channel 4 To Screen Michael Jackson And The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship

Channel 4 is set to screen a documentary featuring an exclusive interview with Dr Conrad Murray, who was today found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of pop legend Michael Jackson in 2009.

Produced by October Films, what’s it all about? productions and Zodiak Rights, Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship (working title) will be shown exclusively in the UK on Channel 4 in the next week (date and time tbc).

October Films, what’s it all about? productions and Zodiak Rights secured access to Dr Murray in November 2009, prior to him being charged. They have filmed with Dr Murray throughout the intervening two years and have continued to record with him during the trial.

The film, by multi-award-winning director Tom Roberts, explores the surreal world inhabited by Jackson in the last three months of his life and examines his fatal friendship with the doctor he handpicked to care for himself and his children.

It was a private world where the controversial use of powerful medication was a way of life, where a man adored by millions lived as a virtual recluse, and where an unknown cardiologist from Texas found himself the unexpected companion, confidante and intimate to one of the most famous men in the world.

When Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009 only two people were in the room: Jackson and Dr Conrad Murray. Now the documentary reveals Dr Murray’s accounts and testimony of those events for the first time.

Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship (working title) uncovers the fatal friendship behind the headlines and reveals the chain of events that led to one man dead and the other fighting for his reputation and freedom.

Adam Bullmore, Executive Producer for October Films, said: “Made with remarkable levels of access and complete editorial independence, we believe this film is the most complete and accurate story of what really happened to Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray on 25 June 2009; and why.”

Leon Lecash, Executive Producer for what’s it all about? productions, said: “When what’s it all about? productions secured access to Dr Murray in 2009, we knew that this would be an incredibly compelling film about 21st Century celebrity justice.”

Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship (working title) will be shown on Channel 4 in the next week (date and time tbc). The documentary is an October Films and what’s it all about? co-production. Jane Millichip is Executive Producer for Zodiak Rights.

UK international distributor Zodiak Rights have already secured pre-sales with major broadcasters around the world including MSNBC/NBC in the US, Nine Network in Australia and over ten other international broadcasters. (my emphasis).

All I can say is, we’d best limber up our typing fingers and dialing digits cause this is going to take a campaign every bit as intensive as the one launched against Discovery earlier this year! Where to begin?

Think Justice Has Prevailed? Think Again!

Here are most of the major contacts for MSNBC/NBC, courtesy of Positively Michael:

NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608
Phone: 818-777-1000
Fax: 818-866-1430

Marc Graboff
President, West Coast Business Operations,
Television Entertainment, NBC Universal

Rebecca Marks
Executive Vice President, Publicity

Charles Engel
Executive Vice President, Programming

Curt King
Senior Vice President,
Publicity, Marketing, and Corporate Communications


MSNBC Cable, L.L.C.
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Phone: 212-664-4444
Fax: 212-664-4085

MSNBC Public Relations
NO Murray documentary
NO paying Michael Jackson’s killer

Phil Griffin
President, MSNBC

Sharon Otterman
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Jeremy Gaines
Vice President Media Relations

Bill Wolff
Vice President, Primetime Programming

These websites list contact info for Zodiak Media and Channel 4, respectively:

ETA: Contact info for Network Nine in Australia, provided by Tania (thanks!)

Channel 9 (Australia)

Channel Nine Australia :
Channel 9 Sydney+61 2 9906 9999
Channel 9 Melbourne+61 3 9420 3111
Channel 9 Brisbane+61 7 3214 9999
Channel 9 Adelaide+61 8 8267 0111
Channel 9 Perth+61 8 9449 9999

General email : (this is the only email address listed on their website)

Twitter: @channel9

or by writing to:
NSW Viewers: PO Box 27 Willoughby, NSW 2068
Vic Viewers: PO Box 100 Richmond, Vic 3121
QLD Viewers: PO Box 72 Brisbane, QLD 4001
(no time for postal letters, it airs here too soon! In just two days)


I’m also going to add another bit of postscript here, while I’m at it. The more I learn now about this crockumentary and how it came together, the more outraged and repulsed I am by just how sneaky and calculatedly planned out this whole thing was on the part of Murray, MSNBC, and everyone involved. Both Murray and MSNBC KNEW ALL ALONG THAT THEY WERE SITTING ON THIS STINKING PILE UNTIL AFTER THE VERDICT!!! I can’t help now but get this sinking, sick feeling that Conrad Murray, sitting in his jail cell, is getting the last word-and last laugh-on all of us, after all. He knew, when he was sitting in court and made the decision not to testify, that he already had his own “testament” ready to unleash-not coincidentally, perhaps, just in time to influence his sentencing and his appeal. I personally think he was planning something like this all along-that explains the audio recordings he made of Michael. This man is beyond despicable. He killed Michael Jackson, he was convicted for it, and now he plans to profit from his actions! But you know what’s worse? That apparently there are those only too willing to aid and abet him in so doing.

ETA 11/09/11: This post keeps growing as more info is shared. I was thinking this morning that hitting  MSNBC sponsors would be more effective than hitting the network heads. After all, MSNBC probably paid a bunch of money for this doc, so they’re not likely to pull it unless they realize they stand to lose more than they put into it. Unfortunately, a few days isn’t really enough time to wage an effective product boycott (this is why I say the whole, planned timing of this thing was soooooooo deviously sneaky; they knew exactly what they were doing, and how fans would react!). But I think we can still send a strong message to these sponsors that we won’t be buying their products if they sponsor this crock. Anyway, this is one of the most complete MSNBC sponsor contact lists I’ve found; any thanks again to Positively Michael:

Ann Taylor (call or fax)
Banco Nacional de Mexico…scucharte.html
Cambridge Technology Partners
Champion International…
Chase Manhattan…page/contactus
Choice-Point /
Chubb Corporation
Coca-Cola /
Community Health Systems
Dell Computer…gen&redirect=1
Delphi Automotive /
Home Depot…atalogId=10053
Illinois Tool Works Illinois Tool Works
International Speedy
Internet Security Systems
Morgan Chase & Co.…a-contacts.htm
Morgan Gauranty Trust…a-contacts.htm
National Service Industries…y-History.html
New York Stock Exchange
Oglivy & Mather
Planet Hollywood…ernational-inc
State Street…D9gmxHRQDWNWSc /
Scientific Atlanta
Sun Microsystems
Total Systems Services
TRICON Global Restaurants

Sponsors Twitter:

Brita’s twitter: @BRITA_PPD
DeadSea2U’s twitter: @DeadSea2U
Walgreen’s twitter: @Walgreens
Clorox’s twitter: @Clorox
Welchs’s twitter: @Welchs
HTC’s twtitter: @htc
Lowe’s twitter: @Lowes
Smart car twitter: @smartCar
Columbia sportswear twitter: @Columbia1938
Mercedes-Benz USA twitter: @MBUSA
Yahoo Mail twitter: @yahoomail

A few helpful tips if you feel overwhelmed by these sort of campaigns, as I sometimes do: You need not contact every single person or sponsor on the list. Target those you feel will be most effective. If everyone is doing their part, it will be the collective effort that sends the message. If sending an email, it need not be an epic. Yes, I have seen some very beautiful and eloquent messages. But really, a few lines that get straight to the point and tell them exactly how you feel is all that’s necessary-and in the long run, is probably most effective. You can cut and paste the same message to send to multiple contacts. Use the CC function; it helps, trust me!

But here is something to also keep in mind. While we are focusing so heavily on MSNBC, it is Zodiak Media who owns the distribution rights, and ultimately, October Films who owns the footage.Which means even if MSNBC pulls the plug, they can still simply shop it elsewhere. So let’s not overlook their importance as targets of this campaign.

24 thoughts on “Scratch The "Sense Of Closure," This Fight's Not Over!”

  1. Raven, can you please add these contact details for the Channel 9 Network in Australia:

    Channel 9 (Australia)

    Channel Nine Australia :
    Channel 9 Sydney+61 2 9906 9999
    Channel 9 Melbourne+61 3 9420 3111
    Channel 9 Brisbane+61 7 3214 9999
    Channel 9 Adelaide+61 8 8267 0111
    Channel 9 Perth+61 8 9449 9999

    General email : (this is the only email address listed on their website)

    Twitter: @channel9

    or by writing to:
    NSW Viewers: PO Box 27 Willoughby, NSW 2068
    Vic Viewers: PO Box 100 Richmond, Vic 3121
    QLD Viewers: PO Box 72 Brisbane, QLD 4001
    (no time for postal letters, it airs here too soon! In just two days)

    This is due to air Thursday night down here. There is little time to sit on our laurels. The fight for Justice for Michael continues.


  2. No, Raven, it is far from over.
    Just see how quick and loud the media is drumming up Murray’s appeal already.

    In addition to “Michael Jackson trial”, there is now “Michael Jackson verdict” …

  3. This is so appauling that words can’t discribe it. If the media is trully a mirror of society then we have really reached the bottom. Someone should starts paying attention on the seriously derailed attitude of the media because this whole thing is not going to end well.

  4. Sofia and gtf, I agree with both of you! I had to add some new thoughts on this tonight as I just can’t help but be sickened by what I am learning. I said justice would not come without scars, but I had no idea just how deep those wounds were going to go. This is the very worst kind of low blow imaginable. That this crock will now join “Living With Michael Jackson” in infamy is just too much. I guess 24 hours of feeling that justice had been served was all we were supposed to be allowed. Today was a brutal wakeup call. And yes, like I said in my postscript, I feel like Murray is having the last laugh on everyone tonight. He sat there in that courtroom, day in and day out, looking like the perfect picture of the Innocent Lamb being led to slaughter, and all the while knowing what he had planned, and the money he had pocketed from this deal!

  5. I had this feeling monday after the verdict when I saw this “man”,i’ve told my sister that there wil be who would speak about love and talent of beloved Michael Jackson with words of truth, but others, with bad instincts and, of course, all for money. We must be united and explain to friends and related, because there’s a legacy to defend beyond his music and work:exceptional human being he was and his children. Love. Kathrine from Venezuela

  6. This is not truth about Michael. This is tabloid and trash. Murray is false person and liar like Bashir and other false people. People and media do everything for money, because Michael Jackson is very famous, rich and popular artist. Many people are jealous for his achievements. We love him for his big talent, humility and charity work. People do not care about him and do not care who he realy is, but he always cared about people, children, families, artists, animals, nature and fans.

  7. I can’t even tell you how SHOCKED I am right now. This is just way too disgusting, disturbing, unbelievable..! I don’t understand how is that even possible! Inconceivable.
    This man has just been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, two days ago! And a documentary will be aired next week about his time with Michael? I mean, what’s wrong with our society?? Have we lost all sense of decency and humility?
    This man is in jail for having caused the death of a human being. He should be ashamed, he should try to repent himself, think about what he did, recognize his mistakes, consider what brought him to this point, work on himself, see a therapist, whatever, but anyway making himself as little as possible, disappear from the media world! But no, instead this man will show us the biggest example of disrespect ever by appearing in a f***** documentary, revealing things that should NEVER, ever be revealed, details we don’t want to know about because that is NONE of the world’s business.
    And what is this title anyway?? Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship? I really feel someone is making a very very bad joke here. It reminds me a phrase Chernoff pronounced during the defense closing arguments: Don’t hold Murray responsible for Michael Jackson’s death, “it’s not a reality show… It’s reality.”. How ironic. So please don’t convict Murray because he’s a ‘normal’ person who got trapped in a world of illusion and fame, Michael’s world. But who lives most in illusion? Michael Jackson who died because of the gross negligence of someone else or Murray himself, who, for the sake of money, practiced a bizarre and disturbing experimental medicine without even bothering thinking of the consequences of his actions? Michael who needed a doctor to take care of his health and who would have been be professional enough to do the best he could to help him solve whatever addiction problems he might have had, or Murray who, although found guilty of having taken one’s life, will be the star of a ‘documentary’ about his “fatal friendship” with the man he let die?
    “It’s not a reality show… It’s reality.”
    Like gtf said in her comment “If the media is trully a mirror of society then we have really reached the bottom”. I could not agree more. What’s wrong with the press today?? Where are all the good, professional, ethical journalists? Why do we constantly have to fight against the media? Why do we have to fight to make channels cancel inappropriate shows? Why do we always have to correct the media when they make wrong statements, judgements, release wrong informations? Why does the public, us, have to do that? Sometimes I feel I have more ethic and better journalism skills than half the “professional journalists” in the us. The whole situation is really appalling. What a mad world.

    About Murray again, I sincerely thought he wasn’t a bad guy. I’m sure he was a good doc. I believe his patients when they say he gave them good care and was even willing to make financial arrangements. I don’t think he was a particularly greedy man. But then there was Michael Jackson, the pop icon, the giant superstar. Easy money. It was like winning the lottery for Murray. So he provided his ridiculous ‘care’ and took the money each month. I don’t think he would have done what he did with somebody else. But this is just another example of how people, even nice, correct people, turned greedy and immoral and used MJ for whatever aims – in this case money. People used him for their own personal sake, and this from the beginning right to the end. This is the tragedy of his life.

    I understand many things now. The recording of MJ’s voice, the fact that Murray decided not to testify, the ‘documentary’… It all makes sense it is really, really disturbing. Disturbing, disconcerting, appalling, upsetting, frightening… This is wrong, terribly wrong.
    So now, here we go again! Let’s shout and fight and express our anger and disgust just like we did so many times before and hopefully our voice will be heard. Hopefully the ‘documentary’ will be canceled. Hopefully we can bring some decency back… But what a sad story.
    Anyway, thank you for this blog! I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now and I must say it feels good to read someone with such interesting critical views and sensibility, especially when outrageous situations like this occur… Glad the blog is back!

    1. I now feel somewhat that this was what my dream was trying to tell me. I mentioned it in my post a few days ago on MJ “fans” who support Murray. The only difference was that in my dream, Murray had been acquitted. He then went on tour as an MJ impersonator, performing Michael’s songs. People actually turned out to see him-and cheered him. It was disgusting. I think this is what I was seeing; that Murray would profit from the trial, from Michael’s death, and from his notoriety achieved.

      You know, to be totally honest, I, too, have had my moments where I thought maybe Murray was really a good man who just got caught in a bad situation and made some very bad mistakes-negiigent, yes. But a deliberate killer, no. As more evidence emerged about his actual actions that night, that picture began to change. Over two years, I had slowly pieced together the pieces of that night’s puzzle, and frankly, nothing said in the trial shocked me, but hearing that evidence all put together, on one major platform, really drove it home. I said before: I agree about the little fish in a big, dirty pond thing, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he was in that pond-and swimming in it. I think those former patients of his were being honest as far as they knew and as far as their own personal experience with Murray, but as Walgreen said, they had all been treated for heart conditions, in a proper environment. With the news of this documentary, ANY shred of remaining softness or compassion I might have been inclined to feel has hardened. If he failed to show his true colors throughout, he has certainly shown them now. HLN has already been playing snippets from the doc; in one segment, Murray is explaining how he instructed someone to call 911. So it looks like he obviously intends to point fingers and play the blame game here. I wonder who is going to get the flack here: Alberto Alvarez? Kai Chase? Prince? Of course, we all know who WON”T be blamed…”Poor Conrad Murray.”

      1. What a really strange dream, so revealing… Almost like an omen.
        I have nothing to add to what you said. I entirely share your view.
        “With the news of this documentary, ANY shred of remaining softness or compassion I might have been inclined to feel has hardened. If he failed to show his true colors throughout, he has certainly shown them now”. That’s it.
        Having been proven guilty by a jury won’t stop him trying to convince the public opinion of his ‘innocence’. I hope people will be intelligent enough not to believe him.

  8. por que no lo dejan en paz, que quieren demostrar, por que siguen lucrando las carroñas que estuvieron a su lado, no les alcanza con verlo muerto y dejar a millones de fanaticos sin su arte, por DIOS todo se paga en la vida y todo aquel que lo critique lo pagara, te amo michael hasta el fin de mis dias hoy y siempre llorare tu perdida porque cada dia que pasa te extraño mas y todos tus fanaticos te defenderemos contra todo aquel que te ataque…TE AMO..

  9. Hi Raven:

    Remember when O.J. Simpson put out his book “If I Did It”. Even he had the sense to wait 10 or more years before he put out his garbage. I believe at the time no reputable media would conduct an interview with him to promote his book because none of them wanted to look bad. But when it comes to Michael, all decency and rationale escapes them. They crawl in the sewers of their minds to contiunally exploit Michael at each and every chance. They have no shame, morals or ethics. They are the lowest of the low. They are in the same class as Murray. They are showing us who they are. It is ugly and it is very disturbing. But what is truly amazing is that Michael showed us while he was with us just how low humanity could and did sink when they sought to use him for their own selfish reasons, and now that he’s physically gone, he is still showing us the true character of these vampires who sucked the life out of him.

    1. The comparison to OJ Simpson and the media’s reluctance to give him a platform is a great example. Even after 10 years, nobody wanted to “look bad” by giving him a platform, but they have no qualms whatsoever about giving Murray a platform a mere few days after his verdict.

  10. please stop de attacks against the memory of Michael Jackson .. he was killed.. he is dead now, and millions of fans are crying.
    Conrad Murray killed him.. he4 is a murder!!!!
    Please stop broadcasting Murray Documentary! he killed a human being!!!dont support a killer !

  11. This is part of the answer I got from Channel 4:
    “The trial of Dr Conrad Murray for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael
    Jackson has dominated headlines around the world. Now that the verdict of
    guilty is in, this observational and independent documentary provides an
    insight into Dr Murray’s relationship with Jackson and how events unfolded
    on the day he died.”
    I responded again saying that this documentary is in no way “independent” and that this “insight” is based on lies of a proven lier.
    From MSNBC no answer! I also sent faxes, but the fax # of NBC in Universal City is closed down.
    It’s the same with me: Before the trial I was ready to give CM the benefit of a doubt, that he perhaps really regrets what happened. But quickly his true selfish character was revealed, you only had to see his girl-friends, especially the “instrument”. And when I heard the police interview it was clear what kind of person he is. He even started to bash Michael with a lot of his statements. So I don’t think anymore that he might have been a good person. CM is no better than any of the earlier extortionists. Michael’s life ended by the hands of another person he trusted and let into his life, another one of the likes of the Chandlers, the Arvizos, the Bashirs… It’s too sad.

  12. I am beyond digusted by this, there are no words anymore. This hits the core, we waited for more than two painful long years for some justice and we were only allowed to have it for ONE day??!!! Michael deserves so much more than this, his children, family and fans do as well…

    I have sent my complaint to the head of MSNBC and will continue to send complaints to the rest of their departments. Hopefully we can put an end to murray and his murderous ways.

    We may have won the battle, but the war rages on…

  13. I rang Channel 9 in Melbourne, Australia and they took my complaint over the phone. Apparently they have no email for program complaints so you can only write to their address! They said the next step is to lodge a complaint with AFTER the program has aired. This can be done electronically online. Their twitter is @channel9

  14. We knew, saw and listened as the Media said with tongue in cheek “this trial is not about Michael” and then couldn’t remember the other guy’s name. The Michael Jackson trial…uh doctor or the Conrad Jackson Trial and some did not even try it was just the Michael Jackson trial. If I had penny for the number of times someone other than us said; “the Conrad Murray trial” I would not have enough money to take a city bus around the block. Never once was there a photo of Michael in casual clothes sitting on his pouch with his feet propped up or him again in casual in the studio working. Most… after a while were not objectionable although HLN fancied the 2005 courthouse photos, but all depicted the SUPER STAR/KOP rather than the flesh and blood man who was dead.

    I too had my moments of sympathy for Murray when I wasn’t sure what his role in this was, the instrument or the one who knew and kept silent, but at this time all my feeling is for Michael, once again one who told the world he loved and was MJ’s friend was making a film a month after his autopsy. One who if the short clip I saw is true made what had become routine cruel remarks on Michael’s appearance, the kind Michael never, never ever would have uttered about anyone in public let alone to be forever captured on film. No wonder he wanted to visit MJ’s crypt when good taste would have said no.

    1. As for the footage that HLN kept showing, my first thought was, Why do they insist on showing the 2005 trial footage? But the actual answer may not be a sinister one at all. It is possible that this is stock footage that CNN/HLN owns, and therefore have the right to broadcast. It can be a touchy legal issue sometimes with footage, if a company or network does not have the rights to broadcast it. I would imagine that CNN/HLN has a stockpile of that trial footage, since they covered it so extensively. they did balance with other footage but always kept returning to the trial shots. It did cross my mind to wonder if there wasn’t some subliminal message in that (and I wouldn’t put it past them) but it could also just as easily be that they own the footage and it is easier for them to resort to their stockpile than getting license rights to footage they do not own.

  15. I have been sending complaints to the networks and sponsors and I haven’t heard anything useful yet, just out of office replies. I can’t believe that this deplorable “documentary” will be aired.

    Murray is lower than scum, this man is wretched.

  16. I had emailed Channel 4 and this was their reply:

    Thank you for your e-mail regarding the upcoming documentary, The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson.

    We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed in our decision to broadcast this programme.

    The trial of Dr Conrad Murray for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson has dominated headlines around the world. Now that the verdict of guilty is in, this observational and independent documentary provides an insight into Dr Murray’s relationship with Jackson and how events unfolded on the day he died.

    Further, we would advise that Dr Murray is in no way profiting from our transmission of this film ? our licence agreement with the production company stipulates that he will not receive any proceeds from the fee we pay to licence the film.

    Nevertheless; please be assured your complaint has been logged and noted for the information of those responsible for our programming.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate all feedback from our viewers; complimentary or otherwise.


    Sandra Carter
    Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries

    For information about Channel 4 have a look at our FAQ section at

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